Dandadan Chapter 125: What to Expect and Release Date

Ever since the first chapter of the series was published, Dandadan has proven to be quite peculiar from the rest of the Shonen manga.

Being proven a certified hit, Dandadan continues to captivate its readers and leave them in awe with every chapter.

Dandadan Chapter 125

After chapter 123 of the series left everyone on a grave cliffhanger with the class rep, Rin, getting attacked by an unidentified Yokai, the series finally returned. Dandadan is scheduled to return each Monday, every week.

With the class rep now being brought into the zany household of Momo and Okarun, she is welcomed by wonders that she thought were never possible.

Now, with the release of Chapter 124, Dandadan Chapter 125 is slated to be released on October 16, 2023.

Until the chapter releases, here are some expectations for chapter 125!

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Seiko Ayase Exorcising Rin’s Yokai (Possible)

Despite her old age, Seiko Ayase is one of the most prominent and potent characters in the whole series.

Known for her exorcising abilities, Seiko is now set to exorcise the class rep’s yokai that infused with her a few moments ago.

Seiko wants Rin to reminisce about his past and remember if someone close to her died early. Rin remembers someone and explains her relationship with that individual in the past.

With the yokai being identified, it is only several moments away to witness Seiko exorcising her yokai and freeing her from the curse.

Will Rin Follow Her Dream (?)

Rin’s past is all wrapped around in tragedy; her father died when she was young, taking care of the house and grandmother alone, and she cannot go out with her friends due to her responsibilities.

At the end of her flashback, she cries as her dream of becoming an idol is suppressed.

Although she wants to become an idol with her friends willingly, she is left in the dark due to her responsibilities.

In the next chapter, we might see her conclusion whether she somehow managed to follow her dream or lead a regular life.

Dandadan Chapter 125 is scheduled for October 16, 2023, and is set to reveal several mysteries to progress the brand-new arc! It will be available to read on the Manga Plus app and website

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