Dandadan Chapter 128: Release Date and What To Expect

Dandadan has just released the epic continuation of the brand new arc, with the latest installment being chapter 127.

Dandadan chapter 128

The class rep in the series has remained a mysterious personality, and finally, things are unwrapping.

Currently, the class rep is being hunted by the ghosts of her past, Mei, her friend whom she could not keep an agreement with.

That agreement ended up being a heavy weight for her whole life, and now, she has transformed into a Yokai, known as Ombusman.

Seiko, Momo, and Okarun are now helping their friend in distress and exorcising her Yokai.

With things in motion, Dandadan chapter 128 is expected to be released on November 5, 2023, Monday. Here are some situations you can expect from the upcoming chapter.

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Everyone is Successful in Exorcising Ombusman (Potentially)

The Yokai on the class rep’s back is none other than her childhood friend, who tragically passed away in an accident. Her friend has returned as a Yokai to take revenge by murdering her.

Fortunately, when the class rep fell unconscious due to the Yokai on her back, Okarun was present at that time.

Taking her back home, Seiko determined the issue and told them the solution to exorcise the Yokai.

Currently, the situation is almost at the end. Seiko, Okarun, and Momo are doing their best to exorcise her friend, the Yokai, with the help of the band.

In the next chapter, we can expect the Yokai to be entirely exorcised, and the class rep can have a sigh of relief.

The Ombusman Takes Over (Speculative)

If you are familiar with the series, everyone knows how unpredictable Tatsu-sensei has been since the beginning of the series.

Although the Yokai is much closer to being exorcised, the table can be turned instantly and unexpectedly.

The Ombusman, according to Seiko, is one strong Yokai that is capable of taking over the body of its prey. If the Ombusman wins, it is over for the class rep, and everyone will be forced to kill her.

These situations are possible to be present in the upcoming chapter while referencing the newest chapter of the series.

Dandadan chapter 128 releases next week on Monday, November 5, 2023! You can read the new chapter on the Mangaplus app!

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