Demon Slayer Season 3 Release Date, When Is It Coming Out?

It has been only six months since the last episode of Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc season 2 aired, yet the fans cannot wait and have started asking questions. When Demon Slayer season 3 is coming out? What is the release date of Demon Slayer Season 3? What adventures lie ahead in front of Tanjiro and his group? Numerous questions are lingering in fans’ minds. I am here to ease this situation by giving you an overview of information about the Demon Slayer Season 3.

demon slayer season 3 release date

The Demon Slayer franchise is currently at the pinnacle of the anime and manga world regarding a simple story with excellent execution and flashy animations with fluid transitions. No recent anime in the world comes close to the popularity of Demon Slayer, and it is going to get even more popular once Demon Slayer season 3 gets released.

Keep reading to find out what we know about Demon Slayer season 3 including what manga chapters will be adapted and what Hashira’s story we will be seeing next.

Is Demon Slayer Season 3 Confirmed?

Demon Slayer season 3 has been officially confirmed. Two seasons and a single film of Demon Slayer aren’t quite enough to quench the thirst of fans. A series of events led to the announcement of Demon Slayer season 3 just lately. Several new characters will be introduced in the anime’s next arc.

Shortly after, the Demon Slayer: Entertainment District arc reaches its climax. The Demon Slayer anime official website announced that the third season of the heavenly immersed series is on its way. With this announcement, Demon Slayer released two visual arts of two Hashiras who will accompany Tanjiro and his friends in the new season.

The two Hashiras that would be the primary focus of season 3 will be the Mist Hashira and Love Hashira. We saw these Hashiras at the end of the first season, and when they heard about the demise of the Fire Hashira, Rengoku.

demon slayer season 3 release date

How Many Episodes Will Demon Slayer Season 3 Have?

The third season of the Demon Slayer will be called Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village Arc. As the name suggests, this season will cover the Swordsmith Village Arc of the manga series, which starts with the 98th chapter and ends with the 127th. So, it’s reasonable to say that the anime adaptation will cover this story with 12 episodes in Demon Slayer season 3.

In addition, Demon Slayer also released a teaser trailer for the upcoming season. The teaser is 2 minutes and 48 seconds long, but mostly it shows the recap of the adventures we have been through along with Tanjiro.

Although, the last minute of the teaser showed us a few glimpses of what Demon Slayer season 3 has in a treat for us. We jumped right into the Swordsmith Village, where unknown Swordsmiths are forging Tanjiro’s new blade that he will wield in the new season as we saw him holding it by the end of the teaser. We also see new Hashiras in action that will be the center of this story.

When Is Demon Slayer Season 3 Coming Out?

demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba season 3 release date

Demon Slayer season 3 is expected to be released in 2023. As of now, there is no official confirmation about the Demon Slayer season 3 release date. We can only predict the release date by looking over the past period between the different releases of the Demon Slayer franchises.

There is almost a 1-year gap between the movie and a new season of Demon Slayer. Its first season aired in 2019 and was distributed in two cours from October 13, 2019, to May 3, 2020. Almost 1 year after, Demon Slayer-Kimetsu no Yaiba-The Movie: Mugen Train was released on October 16, 2020.

Furthermore, Demon Slayer season 2 started airing on October 10, 2021, and ended on February 13, 2022. With this timeline, we can see a pattern of a year break before the next entry into this franchise. Studio Ufotable is very consistent in its work. We can see the staff’s efforts and hard work in making this anime phenomenal with a back-to-back release in October over recent years.

If we are optimistic, we can see the Demon Slayer Season 3 in Fall 2022 as early as possible. But I do not think that might be the case because we might have some additional information if the Demon Slayer season 3 was planned to be released this early. So, I would guess that Demon Slayer Season 3 would come in Early 2023 (January-April) at the earliest.

Next Official Update on Season 3

Earlier, at the start of August, Aniplex Online Fest 2022 revealed its lineup for the event. It is an announcement event on popular new anime from Aniplex held on September 23, 2022, with over 20 titles brought together for this exciting event. The anticipated lineup includes a slot for the Demon Slayer.

Many fans speculate that there will be an announcement of the official release date for the upcoming season of Demon Slayer. And we also think that might be the case, although time will tell. Keep following Anime Senpai. We will keep you updated throughout the event.

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The new teaser for Season 3┬ácontains some footage that suggests that production is progressing well, but it’s important to note that no release date has been announced. It’s still possible to see a release in the Fall of 2022, but it seems like a long shot at this point. We will keep on updating this article whenever a piece of new information on the upcoming season gets available.

Demon Slayer Season 3 Source Material

The anime’s future seasons depend upon the remaining quantity of the source material it is based on. Demon Slayer anime television series is based on the manga of the same name, which is written and drawn by the famous Mangaka Koyoharu Gotouge. There are two significant factors for the anime to get its sequel. The first is the source material, and the second is the franchise’s popularity.

Firstly, the question that would arrive in your mind would be, Is There Enough Source Material For Season 3 of Demon Slayer? As of right now, the Demon Slayer anime television series has covered 97 chapters of the manga, which comprises eight arcs. However, the Demon Slayer manga reached its conclusion on May 18, 2020. There are still 108 chapters left which could easily be adapted into two more anime seasons.

These 108 chapters are divided into four upcoming arcs that the anime fans have no idea what they are in for. Demon Slayer manga is one of the highest-selling manga in the world, with over 150 millions approximate sales and 6.52 million average sales per volume.

There has been a lot of interest in Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer, which premiered in April 2019. The show’s topics, introductory episodes, and writing styles contribute to its success. Among Demon Slayer’s fans are those who enjoy its high-stakes storytelling, compelling melodies, and continuous themes. Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train is the highest-grossing anime movie of all time, with a worldwide gross of $504,334,511.

Consequently, Demon Slayer’s recent season scored 8.86/10 on MyAnimeList and ranked 22 on the top anime list. The merchandise and the Blu-ray of the franchise are also doing pretty well. I do not think there is any reason not to continue with the massive success of the Demon Slayer. It is just a matter of time before we hear about the Demon Slayer season 3 release date from the official sources.

Demon Slayer Season 3 Plot

demon slayer season 3 plot

The name of the third season is Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith Village Arc. It tells us that this season will cover the Swordsmith Village arc, the ninth story arc of the Demon Slayer. The third season’s plot will revolve around Tanjiro and his squad looking for a new blade for Tanjiro.

By the end of Season 2, we saw that Tanjiro’s sword got shattered by the Upper-Rank Six, Gyutaro. The village, it turns out, is the proud owner of a long-lost treasure. However, the story introduces the Love and Mist Hashiras and possibly an Upper-Rank demon.

On a more general note, the conclusion of the Entertainment District also gave us a hint as to what the show’s future holds. However, Tengen is still alive and well. Iguro was informed that Tanjiro was the most likely successor to Hashira. Ultimately, they’ll be able to retaliate against Muzan Kibutsuji, their ultimate goal.

The plot of the Swordsmith Village arc is that Tanjiro visits a community of swordsmiths and is forced to explain to Hotaru Haganezuka, the smith who created his sword, how it became so badly broken. Enemies are closing in on Tanjiro while he waits for his weapon to be fixed.

It’ll take the Mist Hashira (Muichiro Tokito) and Tanjiro to take on the demons. Having to face two high-rank demons is tough enough, but can they handle a monster that can split itself into four different bodies and regrow almost instantly?

The duration of the Swordsmith Village arc in the manga is 30 chapters. So, I think anime television will adapt these 30 chapters into 10 to 12 episodes in a single cour, just like the Entertainment District arc. As the theme of the recent arcs of Demon Slayer. This arc will primarily focus on not one, but two Hashiras and their journey along with Tanjiro.

About Demon Slayer

Initially, only a few people were discussing about Demon Slayer. But in the last few years, it has become a spectacle that has blown everyone away. We had no idea it could or would be this wonderful, and we were pleasantly surprised. At the very least, within the time limit specified. The Ufotable, I believe, played a significant role in this. Even though it’s Ufotable’s first Shonen anime, they’ve pulled it off flawlessly.

Here is a brief synopsis for those who don’t know what the Demon Slayer anime is about. Tanjiro returns home one day to find that a demon has devoured his entire family, leaving behind Tanjiro’s wounded sister. In order to save his sister from becoming a bloodthirsty demon, he must train to become a demon slayer and find a cure for his sister, Nezuko.

Ufotable deserves a lot of credit for bringing the manga’s remarkable story to life in a stunning way in the anime, which I think is a terrific show overall. Shown battles are no exception. In addition to the fighting, this show keeps the weak demon concept new by giving each demon a different power, resulting in no regular fights being the same. On the other hand, it has shown some of the most graphically stunning action sequences in recent years in Japanese anime.

TL;DR: Demon Slayer season 3 has been announced by the production committee, and an announcement trailer has been released. Season 3 most likely will be released in 2023, but there is no official information available on the release date so far.

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