Eiichiro Oda Considered Ending One Piece Manga 10 Years Earlier

One Piece is the best selling manga series worldwide, and one of the best things about this series that readers usually point out is the world building, and seeing so many different personalities and different perspective in One Piece. All of this is done slowly in the manga over a 20 year period.

One Piece ending year

On one hand, the longevity of the series is one of the most attractive aspects of One Piece as every character’s background is explained thoroughly which keeps the viewers interested in every character, on the other, the series being so long is also kind of a negative aspect as well many new fans do not have that much time to spare to either watch 1000 anime episodes or read 1000 manga chapters.

According to a new piece of information shared by a twitter user, Eiichiro Oda was planning to end the series 10 years earlier in 2012. In an interview, Oda revealed that he was depressed and sad when drawing One Piece, it was getting in the way of spending with his family, especially his daughter, who complained “you’re too busy to spend enough time with me”. Oda seriously considered retiring, luckily the creator’s daughter rescued a Chihuahua dog and they became friends, which literally saved the One Piece from ending earlier as Oda started dedicating his energy to drawing One Piece.

The creator of One Piece is currently taking a break from drawing manga to prepare for the final saga. Keep in mind that final saga is different than the final arc. A saga is usually a combination of multiple arcs. Eiichiro Oda said that he wanted to visit One Piece live action set in South Africa, but because of the pandemic he wasn’t able to.

One Piece is currently one of the most popular franchise worldwide. The manga series has gotten an anime adaptation which has already released more than 1000 episodes. A One Piece film Red, featuring Shanks daughter will be premiering in the cinemas in Japan soon. A live action One Piece series is being produced by Netflix, which supposedly has a budget of a big marvel movie. Eiichiro Oda’s continuous hard work is finally paying off.

Just imagine we the One Piece series ended 10 years earlier, we would have never seen Yamato, the new admiral Greenbull, and so many more cool characters that have yet to make an appearance.

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