Fans Thank Vtuber Rushia But It Accidentally Translates To Russia

Japanese fans have been mistakenly using a wrong hashtag on Twitter, and the timing for that couldn’t be worse.

Previously, it was announced that Vtuber Rushia’s contract with the parent company, Hololive, will be terminated due to her leaking sensitive information. To show support, Japanese fans started using hashtag #ありがとうるしあ which translates to “Thank you Rushia” but due to machine translation error, some apps translate the character name wrong.

The hashtag “ThankyouRushia” became “ThankyouRussia”, and Japanese fans started using it. As more and more people tweeted with the hashtag, Twitter started showing it in the trending tab as well.

Obviously, the timing for this hashtag to be trending couldn’t be more wrong as the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which is currently getting worse.

Rushia is a Japanese virtual YouTuber, (who was) affiliated with the third generation of talent from the Hololive production company. She is one of the most beloved Vtubers from her generation. Rushia became a center of controversy just 2 weeks ago after the suspicion that she is in a relationship (which is apparently bad if you are a Vtuber).

Having a boyfriend rumor is worse in Rushia’s case because she is a “girlfriend experience type” vtuber, meaning she acts like a girlfriend to whoever is watching. So, it is understandable that some of her fans felt betrayed, after the rumors of her being in a relationship.

About Rushia

Rushia is a somewhat naive girl, soft-spoken but easily exalted. Although she is usually innocent and sweet, she can occasionally fly into a rage and yell in an unusually bestial manner before regaining her composure (for example, while playing Dark Souls or Mario Kart). She is famous for her poor anger control; in addition to yelling, she often slams her desk violently with her fist. This behavior was previously considered character-breaking, but is now mostly considered part of her personality. Because of these characteristics, fans of hers sometimes compare her to former Nijisanji member Otogibara Era

Source: Twitter

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