Fire Force Author Responds To Fan Service Criticism Via Manga

Fire Force often becomes a topic of debate due to fan service. Tamaki, a character from the series often finds herself in an ecchi moment. Author of the manga, Atsushi Ōkubo might have responded to all the fanservice criticism via the recent chapter of the manga.

When the first season of Fire Force came out in Dec 2019, there were already some doubts from the fans that anime will flop due to unnecessary fanservice and many people after watching the anime, complained about it as well. But, it seems like the author of the series does not give a sh*t about these criticisms.

In the recent chapter of the Fire Force, Tamaki is fighting an enemy while some people in the background are criticizing her for vulgarity and exhibitionism. Tamaki fed up with all these comments, expresses her feelings:

“Who cares what society says? This is who I am! I will save the world with the power of s”x appeal”

“I am sick of your whining! If you hate skin that much, I have got something to show you”

Although, the author here is not directly responding to the critics, but anyone with some knowledge can understand that this is an indirect response from Fire Force author to all the people who complain about fans service in this series.

What Is Fan Service?

Fan Service or Fanservice is work of material which is often added to fictional content (anime, manga or comics) to please the audience, the content is mostly se*ual in nature.

Source: Twitter

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