Leak Suggests Fire Force Season 3 Is Changing Studio

Many fans have been waiting for any sign of Fire Force Season 3 for over two years. Well, the long wait is over because a leak about its upcoming season has revived the faith of many fans on Twitter. 

Shinra from Fire Force Smiling

To start, an official announcement regarding any information about Fire Force season 3 has yet to be announced. Hence, this leak should still not be taken as entirely accurate. However, it is not that bad to hope that it is.

With many fans anticipating the return of Fire Force Season 3, a leak that was posted on Twitter raised their excitement, as well as their doubts.

On June 01 (Thursday), a Twitter account known for sharing anime news and leaks shared that the upcoming season 3 will be animated by a different studio.

The leak suggests that Fire Force Season 3 will shift to Studio Shaft, known for working on the Monogatari series.

Fire Force Season 1 and 2 were under David Production, who also worked on well-known animes, such as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Cells at Work!

Under David Production, the series’ season one and two animations have received a commendable amount of praise because of its smoothness and almost 3D-like animation.

Hence, the leak, which suggests it will probably leave David Production, has caused some fans to doubt. They have shared their fears in the series walking the same path as the other famous anime series, Seven Deadly Sins, which also changed its animating studio in its third season.

Fans only want the best for the upcoming season. Fire Force has exceeded the viewers’ expectations in terms of its storyline and animation. Thus, it is not bad for them to hope that Season 3 will also be able to do it.

In conclusion, no official announcements confirming the Twitter leak have been released. But if ever this may be true, let’s hope Studio Shaft will give viewers the same thing that David Production was able to provide for the series’ success.

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What to Expect in Fire Force Season 3?

The Season 3 of Fire Force was officially confirmed on their Twitter account in May 2022. Season 2 ended, hinting at a more incredible battle between Company 8 and the Evangelist for Season 3.

For Shinra to protect his loved ones, he aims to become stronger. Shinra has begun to push himself more in training to achieve a new power called The Press of Death.

The finale of Season 2 also devasted a lot of fans and Company 8 due to the unprecedented death of Captain Hague. But Shinra’s newly unlocked ability allowed him to establish his Adolla Link, which gave him a glimpse of the captain’s final moments.

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Though it remains uncertain how Season 3 will go or what its story will revolve around, it is safe to assume that the upcoming season will follow the direction of its manga.

Sources: Twitter

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