Fire Force: What Every Character Is Doing Post Finale

Fire Force has officially concluded and ending alongside it is the career of the famous mangaka Atsushi Ōkubo. That’s right, as stated himself multiple times, Ōkubo is officially retiring now that his latest series, Fire Force, has come to an end. But before leaving the manga industry for good, (presumably), Ōkubo dropped one last bombshell on all of his readers. This bombshell would of course be the recent revelation that two of his famous works, Fire Force and Soul Eater, are connected!

There is plenty of evidence throughout the series that the two are connected but it wasn’t officially confirmed until the last two chapters of Fire Force. These two chapters served as an epilogue to the Fire Force series and proved once and for all that Fire Force is a prequel to Soul Eater.

Sadly, we don’t see any of our favourite Fire Force characters in Soul Eater. However, we do get a brief glance of what they’ve been up to post-finale thanks to the above-mentioned epilogue. So let’s break it all down and see what every major character is up to in the newly Shinra-created Soul World! Also, please keep in mind that there will be heavy spoilers ahead. So if you haven’t read the latest chapters, go do that and come back!

Tamaki Kotatsu & Takeru Noto

Fire Force: What Every Character Is Doing Post Finale | Anime Senpai

Post-chapter 304 this brand new couple may just be the most normal two out of all their comrades. Yep, you read that right, couple! Everyone’s favourite fanship (Tomaki and Takeru), which was teased all throughout the series has finally come to fruition.

In the first of two epilogue chapters we get to see this new, now powerless couple strolling around on a date. Both are in civilian clothing and it’s safe to assume that they have both lost their pyrokinesis powers and have not developed any new powers of their own. The couple seems to be ok with this, in fact, they look to be happy as they seem to be travelling together.

Iris & Hibana

Fire Force: What Every Character Is Doing Post Finale | Anime Senpai

Next up we have not one but two of the Holy Sol’s most popular sisters, sister Iris and Hibana. Both can be seen together in chapter 303 at what seems to be a cafe. Iris went through a lot in the latest arc, from gaining pyrokinesis powers to discovering she was a doppelganger, then eventually dying and being brought back to life. Though Hibana had a much smaller role she too also went through a lot. Due to all of this, it’s pleasing to see these two basically sisters, back together again.

However, her reunion with Hibana isn’t the only good thing going for Iris… As can be seen all throughout the last couple chapters of the manga, Iris and Shinra have finally gotten together, with the inclusion of Inca.

Benimaru Shinmon

Fire Force: What Every Character Is Doing Post Finale | Anime Senpai

It was a sad day when fan favourite, Benimaru and Konro died alongside everyone on the Earth. But thankfully he’s back now and stronger than ever! As mentioned, everyone in Shinra’s new world has lost their Pyrokinesis powers, leaving the most powerless now, however, those with powerful souls have gained a new power. A powerful soul is exactly what the former Captain and Lieutenant of the 7th have. The legendary Asakusa duo have shed their old titles and are now the heroes forces supreme combat commander and vice commander.

Not only is Benimaru back and stronger than ever alongside his Asakusa pals, he now has his adoptive father back as well. That’s right, when changing the world Shinra brought back the long-dead captain, Hibachi Shinmon. Though Benimaru is out on missions, we can only assume he comes back home to visit his old man, who is spending his days with twins Higake and Hinata.


Fire Force: What Every Character Is Doing Post Finale | Anime Senpai

Up next we have the strangest curveball the series threw at us, that’s right, it’s the final antagonist Haumea of the White-Clad. Though she wasn’t necessarily the final antagonist, she still ended up being the host to the Evangelist and pushed for the despair and cataclysm of humanity.

Nowadays, after getting defeated by Shinraban-Shoman, through Charon, Haumea lives happily in Shinra’s despair-free world. Not only is she happy, but she has also been freed of the voices that are always going through her head and the watchful eye of the evangelist. Leaving her to live her days out in peace with her guardian Charon.

Inca Kasugatani

Fire Force: What Every Character Is Doing Post Finale | Anime Senpai

Here we have another ex-White-Clad who has made some…interesting choices post-finale. After choosing to live on when the Great Cataclysm was stopped, Inca came right back to life claiming to be one of Shinra, the great heroes’ girlfriends. Even going as far as to tell Iris that she doesn’t mind sharing him. What comes next is the interesting part.

Inca has become this world’s first witch, a type of mage that can be seen regularly in Soul Eater. With this power, she has begun to cause strange occurrences, such as dragon summoning to force Shinra into giving her something. This “thing” being his seed. Inca isn’t interested in a romance she just wants to have the baby of the great hero, so she can leave behind descendants. Shinra refuses and she persists in being a witch until he gives in.

Now we don’t know exactly what happened, however in the 25 year time skip we see Shinra’s child, who looks suspiciously similar to Inca…

Obi Akitaru

Fire Force: What Every Character Is Doing Post Finale | Anime Senpai

Next, we have the bodybuilding gorilla and Captain of the 8th Company, Akitaru Obi, who doesn’t disappoint post-finale at all! Much like Benimaru, we saw Captain Obi die in earlier chapters of Fire Force, in fact, it was his death caused by his doppelganger that set the final catalyst in motion. However, just like Benimaru, he was brought back by Shinra, and in this world, he has powers!

Not only does he have powers, but the former unpowered human is now the strongest in the Heroes Force, giving him the title of General Commander. And General Commander Obi didn’t stop there, as we can see in the 25 years later time jump, Obi is now president of the World Heroes Force! One thing is certain, the loveable captain of the 8th is moving up and living his best life post-finale!

Arthur Boyle

Fire Force: What Every Character Is Doing Post Finale | Anime Senpai

Here we have another fan favourite character who may or may not have died earlier on in the series. That’s right it’s Arthur Boyle, the Knight King! In the last arc of the series Arthur gained some major power-ups and after a long fight with Dragon, he managed to defeat the creature, while also “dying” himself.

Since then Arthur has been brought back and is now a part of the weird world that Shinra has created. We last see him in the first epilogue chapter alongside his pals Shinra and Ogun. Together they seem to be hunting a dragon-like creature, alongside the World Heroes Force, making Arthur feel some nostalgia. Arthur’s sword Excalibur is also there alongside him, now with a physical manifestation, much like his form in Fire Force. This could also mean that the “King Arthur” Excalibur claims he served in Soul Eater is actually the loveable idiot Arthur.

Although we don’t get to see a proper look at Arthur after the time skip we do see a younger character that looks almost identical to him. Could this be one of Arthur’s kids? I guess we’ll never know…

Shinra Kusakabe

Fire Force: What Every Character Is Doing Post Finale | Anime Senpai

And lastly, we have the main character of the series, Shinra Kusakabe. You know what they say, always save the best for last! As we all know from the end of the main Fire Force series, Shinra has saved the planet and recreated it, without despair. The demon is now the hero of this brand-new fun world.

In the epilogue chapters, we can see Shinra hunting down Inca and cleaning up the mess she keeps making. At this time Shinra makes it clear that he has Iris, meaning that the two have finally gotten together. As mentioned above Inca isn’t searching for romance but rather wants Shinra the hero’s baby, which he rejects.

The next, and last time we see Shinra it’s after the 25 year time skip. He is now the Supreme Commander of the World Heroes Force, and he watches as his child (who looks suspiciously like Inca), is enlisted into the force.

And with that, the Fire Force series comes to an end! What do you think of the ending? Do you think it gives your favourite characters the ending they deserve? And now that the series is officially over, what would you rate the series overall? Let us know your thoughts and answers down below!

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