Genshin Impact Cheater Sentenced To 4 Years In Prison

Three Chinese citizens who sold illegal Genshin Impact cheat tools have been imprisoned in China.

Genshin Impact cheater prison

With the rapid development of the online gaming industry, illegal plugins and private servers of the games have also surfaced online. These plugins and private servers allow its users to gain unlimited in-game items and sometimes make the player immortal, which not only negatively affects the revenue of the game company but also makes the game un-enjoyable to other players.

Since the release of Genshin Impact in September 2020, various illegal plugins have made it to the market, which gives its users an unfair advantage, granting every item in the game for free. Until now, the use of these cheats has gone unnoticed, mainly because Genshin Impact focuses more on the single-player experience, and there are very few in-game interactions between players.

In June 2021, the Shanghai Xuhui police arrested 3 suspects on suspicion of developing and selling unauthorized plugins for “Genshin Impact”. Recently, the Shanghai Xuhui District People’s Court sentenced the suspects to imprisonment of between one year and six months and up to four years, respectively.

The cheat developers had reportedly sold more than 40,000 access keys to their software between October 2020 and May 2021, making an illegal profit of approximately US$300,000.

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The person responsible for developing and selling this cheat was sentenced to 4 years in prison and a fine of US$50,000. Apparently, two of his accomplices also received jail time of 3 years and 10 months, and 1.5 years in jail, respectively, alongside the US$10,000 fine.

Reddit’s Genshin Impact community had various responses to this matter. Some users were surprised at the weight of the punishment, given that Genshin Impact is not a multiplayer game, so having cheat software doesn’t affect any kind of player rankings. On the other hand, another user said that the reason for this severe punishment was that the malware had damaged the company’s revenue.

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