Genshin Impact Game Helped Player Quit Smoking

Genshin Impact is probably the most addictive gacha game in the world right now. Some players can get so much addictive that they spend thousands of dollars on the game. However, this time, Genshin Impact had a relatively positive influence on the player who quit smoking all thanks to this game.

Credit: miHoyo

A Reddit user u/hxomaa made a post on the Genshin Impact sub-reddit, which went immensely viral in a few hours. The player revealed that his pocket money, which he previously used to buy cigarettes is now being consumed to buy in-game products in Genshin Impact.

“I know this sounds stupid and lame, but I always saved some of the daily money that I am getting for buying a pack of cigarettes, after I played genshin and I become obsessed with, I always spent my saved money on blessing of the moon monthly, and this made me forget about cigarettes and now it’s been 5 months without smoking and I feel so healthy THANKS MIHOYO” the post wrote.

Some comments warned the player that Genshin Impact is more addictive than smoking, so be careful to not let the game consume your entire pocket money.

“Good job !!! But don’t get addicted to spending gacha now” said the top comment. Another fan said “

“Oh, quit smoking. I thought genshin made smokes coming out of your body lol.”

Genshin Impact is an open world role-playing game developed by Chinese developer mihoyo. It is available on mobile, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows PC. “Version 2.3” of the video game was released globally on November 24, while “Version 2.4” was released on January 5. The video game celebrated its first anniversary on September 28, and recorded earnings of more than 2 billion dollars in its first year.

Source: Reddit

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