ICYMI: Genshin Impact Creator Wants To Create Virtual World Like Sword Art Online

Updated on January 7th, 2022

The Sword Art Online game was launched in 2022 in the anime series, and we are here to remind you that in the near future, you might be able to experience the same kind of gaming as SAO.

The president of mihoyo (which is the company behind Genshin Impact), Cai Haoyu said that their company wants to create a virtual world till 2030, where 1 billion people could be accommodated.

While speaking on the Zoom call (for video conference) in February 2021, Cai Haoyu said that Genshin Impact is merely a prototype for the company’s future plans which is to create a virtual world that can be seen fictional franchises like Ready Player One or Sword Art Online. Mihoyo is planning to launch new games every 3 to 4 year period.

After the success of a Genshin Impact game franchise, mihoyo has doubled their company members since 2014. A new Research and Development department is planned to be opened in North America.

Genshin Impact is a role playing action game, which released in Sept 2020, on both mobile and PC platforms. Genshin Impact quickly became one of the highest grossing mobile game worldwide.

Recently, many big companies have invested in the virtual world research and development. The CEO of Facebook (now named Meta) also emphasized that virtual world is the next big thing. It won’t be long now that we will see virtual world games releasing in 10 to 15 years.

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23 thoughts on “ICYMI: Genshin Impact Creator Wants To Create Virtual World Like Sword Art Online

  1. Iv never heard of that, so will it be like in the anime where u put on a heat peace and can dive in or will it be different??

  2. Did they tell an exact release date for that game or something like it? I mean that will there be something like SAO in this year(2022)?

  3. Traps the traveller inside after that, although Jenshin has more colorful world compare to Sao, gamers would be overjoyed, avoiding the plot, running straight to lumine in that hill scene

  4. Okay so I only found out minutes ago and quickly found this article and I’m all go it I literally just bout the oculus quest 2 with spare money if this happens then I’m gonna be the happiest person alive

  5. Vai ser muito top vai parece aqui nós estamos vivendo as aventuras realmente vai ser uma experiência muito boa com a realidade virtual de Genshin Impact

  6. This information about what is possible that there is a virtual game is something very valuable, it must be shared so that more people know about this, the future is coming I hope to be there when that happens

  7. Wow Im gonna join to play this game even it’s my first time playing genshin impact I can’t wait even it’s still 10 to 15 year’s but I can wait

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