Hajime no Ippo author thought Made In Abyss would be a “fun adventure anime”

Made in Abyss is one of those series that look pretty wholesome when you watch some initial episodes. But, the series takes a dark turn pretty quickly. Some fans are not aware of this 180 degree turn in the story, as they start watching after seeing the key visual of the anime.

Author of Hajime no Ippos series, George Morikawa was one of those victims who didn’t knew that Made In Abyss series would take such a dark turn.

He shared his experience while watching the anime series:

“Very cute pictures and colors caught my eye and I started watching an anime. It was a heartwarming feeling that a fun adventure journey between a girl and a robot boy would begin, but … it’s tough to watch now”

In another tweet, author said:

“Some scenes of the Made In Abyss came to my stomach more than I imagined. I’m a little uncertain about how to accept the fate of Purshka (one of the characters). I got the glimpse of the horror that shakes the emotions of others”

Made In Abyss Story

Made in Abyss is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akihito Tsukushi. An anime series was produced by Studio Kinema Citrus, which aired in 2017. A second anime season is currently in production which is scheduled to be released in 2022.

“The Abyss … an open abyss that extends to the depths of the earth, filled with mysterious creatures and relics from a bygone time. How was it formed? What’s in the background? Countless courageous individuals known as “Diggers” have attempted to solve the mysteries of the Abyss by fearlessly descending into the darkness. The best and bravest of the Excavators, the White Whistles, are hailed as legends by those who prefer to stay on the surface.

Riko, the daughter of a missing White Whistle, aspires to be like her mother and explore the depths of the Abyss. However, as she is a Red Whistle, she is only allowed to explore the uppermost layer. But an encounter with a mysterious robot without memories will mark the beginning of the adventure to the bottom, unaware that the more they descend, the harsher the reality within the Abyss.”

Source: Twitter

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