High Guardian Spice Is Crunchyroll’s Lowest Rated Original

After all the delays and controversies, Crunchyroll’s original anime “High Guardian Spice” has been released. The series is not getting well received by anime fans, as it is currently rated 1.4/5, making it the lowest rated original anime from Crunchyroll.

The show was already in the hot waters when it got announced in 2017. The creator of the show, Raye Rodriguez made some controversial remarks. The series was supposed to come out in early 2019, but got delayed due to some unknown reasons. Now that the anime has been released, it is being criticized in all departments, including animation, script and voice acting.

Here are some of the reviews from Crunchyroll website:

It’s not an anime. It doesn’t look like an anime, feel like an anime, it wasn’t bases on anything that was made in Japan, I’m pretty sure no one from Japan even helped make it. The only reason that I can think that could make it be classified as an anime is the literal translation of anime being animation. If it was placed next to Japanese anime it would stick out like a sore thumb.

Kanim3 (Crunchyroll)

Don’t watch this show

The dialogue and voice acting is laughably bad and heinous at best, and the plot is the same “The power of friendship” cliche that’s already been overused.This isn’t anime. It’s a show made to cater to people who don’t even use this platform.
Honestly, you’re better off watching something else, because this is a show I wouldn’t dare wish upon my worst enemy.

Omegavolta (Crunchyroll)

Removing my 3 year old subscription

Ex arm is a better anime than this cartoon and also has better animation, with this I said everything!

MSstudioHD (Crunchyroll)

Waste of Time, Nothing Special

I’m new to CR didn’t know there was rage against it so just watched first 3 episodes so gave it fighting chance and there’s no chance I would watch 4th one. Nothing to do with anime.
Tragic voice-over.
Tragic script.
Storyline oh wait, I saw it already on Netflix.
There’s absolutely nothing good about this series

Kapo1984 (Crunchyroll)

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Source: Crunchyroll

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