I’m Fine With Being A 2nd Girlfriend Light Novel Volume 2 Cover

Published on January 12th, 2022

Watashi, Ni-banme no Kanojo de Iikara (I am fine with being a second girlfriend) light novel series is written by You Saijou, and illustrated by Re:Dake. The first volume of the light novel came out in Japan on Sept 10, 2021 under the Publishing company, ASCII Media Works .

The 2nd volume of the light novel released on January 8, 2022, in Japan. The official cover illustration done by Re;Dake has been released.


Even though me and Hayasaka-san both have the person we like the most, we are dating our second best. Nevertheless, it’s certainly the truth that me and Hayasaka-san are lovers. We go home together, see each other in secret, and do things we can’t tell to other people. But the second-best is still the second-best, so if the feeling with someone we like the most becomes mutual, then this relationship will end. We had such promise.

Even though we both got close to the person we like the most, we keep on getting deep into each other, we couldn’t stop, and we couldn’t just let go of each other no matter what… The result of this already unrecoverable, 100% dangerous, unadulterated, morbid, complicated love is…

Since the series is relatively new, there are no official English translations available. However, there are fan translations available online for the first volume of the light novel. There are no manga or anime adaptation of this series so far.

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  1. I thought the official twitter of dengeki bunko, said that it was getting serialized?? date of the tweet was on Jan 7th

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