Is Frieren an Overpowered Protagonist? – Explored

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” has been doing exceptionally well in the Fall Anime Season of 2023, as it has been the highest-rated anime of this season so far!

Is Frieren an Overpowered Protagonist? Explained

The main protagonist of this series, Frieren, is a laid-back person, but sometimes, she demonstrates another personality, which might suggest she is too powerful.

In the latest episode, she took down a strong demon without breaking a sweat. So, does this mean Frieren is an overpowered protagonist, just like those generic isekai series’ protagonists?

Who is Frieren?

“Frieren” is a petite elf with green eyes and white hair. She has a laid-back personality. She was a part of The Hero’s Party when they traveled the world to defeat the Demon Lord.

Fern and Stark are her apprentices, as Frieren’s party members left them in her care before they passed away.

Frieren is known for bluntness, as she has no tact. She has accepted that a human’s finite lifetime is nothing compared to her extremely long lifetime.

So, she mostly comes out as rude in front of her party members. But as they all loved Frieren for the time she spent with them, they always pardoned her.

Is Frieren an Overpowered Protagonist? Explained

Is Frieren Overpowered?

Since its first episode, Frieren has shown hints of her strong magical abilities, which proves that she was in the Hero’s Party for a reason.

The first time was when she took down Qual, a demon Frieren sealed temporarily when she was with her party.

Qual was one of the strongest demons, serving under the demon lord, and he developed his own magic spell named “Zoltraak.” But Frieren took him down for good with his own magic spell, Zoltraak.

The second time was when Draht, one of the underlings of Aura (Part of the seven sages of destruction), who attacked Frieren while she was locked inside a jail.

He was also a strong demon, and he tried to choke Frieren instantly using her magical thread. But Frieren kept warning him that messing with her would only kill him.

Is Frieren an Overpowered Protagonist? Explained

Draht didn’t pay any heed to her advice and was hunted down by Frieren. So, you can say that Frieren is actually an overpowered character.

But she is unlike your average isekai protagonists, who flex their abilities in every fight.

She is more similar to Ayanokoji from Classroom of the Elite, always calm and collected. But whenever danger arrives, they go on the offensive immediately.

Is Frieren an Overpowered Protagonist? Explained

Frieren’s Power in the Upcoming Episodes

In the latest episode (episode 8), Aura was introduced as Frieren traced her presence. Aura is one of the Seven Sages of Destruction, which served under the Demon Lord when he was alive.

She uses a unique magic spell called “Auserlese” or “Spell of Obedience.” This spell compares the mana (magic) of Aura and her opponent through a scale, and whoever possesses stronger magic energy takes over the body of the other person.

Frieren restricts her magic energy to deceive Aura into thinking she has the upper hand. But when Freiren gets the chance, she releases her full potential and takes over Aura in her own spell.

Is Frieren an Overpowered Protagonist? Explained

After that, Freiren orders Aura to kill herself, and she meets her end. So, not only is Freiren overpowered, but she also possesses a high intellect!

What are your thoughts on this? Do you also believe that Frieren is an overpowered protagonist? Let us know in the comments below.

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