Jujutsu Kaisen: Who Is Kashimo (Thunder God)? – The Next Opponent of Sukuna

Jujutsu Kaisen manga series is known for its unique, complex characters and intense fighting sequences. Although the manga series took a definite dark turn with the recent chapter by killing off a specific central character, that hasn’t dampened fans’ excitement for what’s next.

jujutsu kaisen thunder god

Chapter 236 has caused quite a stir across various platforms, leading to spoilers that have affected even those who only watch the anime. This has resulted in some fans criticizing the creator and sparking intense discussions on social media.

Because of these spoilers, a new manga-exclusive character was unintentionally revealed to fans who aren’t up-to-date with the series.

That character is named Hajime Kashimo, an ancient sorcerer who belongs to the prime era of cursed techniques and, most importantly, the rival of Kenjaku, the main villain of the story.

If you have wondered who this Kashimo guy is, you have come to the right place! We will be breaking down everything about Kashimo that has been revealed so far!

This is a major spoiler warning for the fans who still want to witness his reveal in the anime. You have been warned!

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Who is Hajime Kashimo (Thunder God)?

Who is Kashimo?

Hajime Kashimo is an ancient curse user currently residing in a star plasma vessel that Kenjaku created so he could participate in the forbidden act of Jujutsu World, the Culling Games, hosted by none other than Kenjaku.

First introduced in the Culling Games arc, Hajime Kashimo instantly became a fan-favorite character as he was indomitable in his fights.

Kashimo is someone you can say has a love for fighting, the strongest person on the battlefield, even if it costs him his life.

He is an extremely powerful individual referred to as The Thunder God due to his ability to control lightning with just the tip of his fingers. Kashimo is one of the most potent characters that we have been introduced to in the manga.

Kashimo has a body count of 40 in the Culling Games arc, and as his primary motive is to look for stronger individuals, he has stopped fighting after defeating most of the strong opponents.

Who is Kashimo?

Sukuna is the main target for Kashimo since he is considered the strongest, and Kashimo wants to end his urge to fight.

As he was introduced a handful of chapters ago in the manga, little is known about his innate and cursed techniques, and his domain expansion is yet to be revealed. Kashimo never wanted to waste his energy on weaklings and has everything stored for his fight against Sukuna.

Now that you are familiar with Hajime Kashimo and his personality, here are his abilities that have been revealed so far!

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How Powerful is Hajime Kashimo?

Who is Kashimo

He is known as the most powerful sorcerer of his era and earned this title by fighting the most vital individuals in history. But, he wants to achieve newer heights by defeating The King of The Curses, Ryomen Sukuna.

Referencing his name, Hajime Kashimo has an immense load of cursed energy that he uses in the form of lightning. His body lives in a constant state of an electric current, which reinforces his body against physical attacks.

Kashimo can manipulate his cursed energy characteristics and discharge the electric charges of his body. Marking his opponent as the positive charge and the ground as negative, he can attack his opponent without losing electric efficiency to the ground.

He also possesses a staff known as Nyoi. The Nyoi staff can serve as a lightning rod for Kashimo, which further manipulates his cursed energy to be used as a close combat weapon with electrical damage.

While he has used his staff with quite some skills, he also used it for snapping someone’s arm in the Culling Games arc.

Kashimo’s innate technique and domain expansion are yet to be revealed. In the recent chapter, he finally arrives on the battlefield after Sukuna kills Gojo, and it is the best time to reveal his other abilities.

Many things about Hajime Kashimo are still unknown, which will be revealed very soon!

Where to Read Jujutsu Kaisen?

Thanks to the partnership between the two publishing giants, Viz Media and Suiesha, most of the jutsu Kaisen is now available to read in English localizations! Jujutsu Kaisen manga is available on the Mangaplus App on your mobile Appstore and Viz Media’s website!”

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