Junji Ito’s Horror Manga Gets Live-Action by a Famous Hollywood Studio

Legendary horror manga artist Junji Ito, known for his international acclaim and four Eisner Awards, is set to have one of his works adapted into a live-action film. Not only are his works appreciated by many international writers, but he has also collaborated with international authors on some works like “Trese“, his collaboration with Guillermo del Toro (a famous Mexican Filmmaker).

Junji Ito's Horror Short Stories Get Live-Action by a Famous Hollywood Studio

Fangoria Studios revealed on March 30, 2023, that they would be partnering with Hollywood writer Jeff Howard to adapt Junji Ito’s short story “Bloodsucking Darkness” into a live-action film. This adaptation will mark the first instalment of a planned trilogy based on Ito’s horror collection “Smashed.”

Jeff Howard has an impressive resume, with credits on projects such as Netflix’s “The Haunting of the Hill House,” “Oculus,” “Before I Wake,” and “Doctor Sleep” (an adaptation of a Stephen King novel).

What Is Bloodsucking Darkness?

Bloodsucking Darkness is a vampire horror story about a girl who stops eating to get thin after getting her heart broken. She eventually loses weight, but she has nightmares about drowning in a rain of blood. One day, she encounters a boy who wants to be friends with her, but she does not pay any heed to him. The next day, she witnesses the boy all thin and weak.

He replies that because the girl is dieting, he will also diet alongside her because he likes her. So, both of them start dating, but the boy is fascinated with bats, which creeps the girl out. How will their relationship progress, and what secrets is the boy holding back?

Junji Ito's Horror Short Stories Get Live-Action by a Famous Hollywood Studio

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Junji Ito has shared his comments on this good news. He is very excited that Fangoria Studios are adapting his manga into a live-action. He also said he hopes to see this live-action trailer in his dreams tonight!

Jeff Howard also commented that he tried his hardest to get Junji Ito’s manga under him as he couldn’t see anyone else getting this manga. He also stated that he wants to stay in an amalgam of feelings and fear, which Junji Ito’s work gives him!

Armen Aghaeian, the Senior Vice President (SVP) of Fangoria Studios, stated that Junji Ito’s work is pure nightmare fuel to him. He also stated that he and his team are honoured to work with the legend Junji Ito and will try their best to bring the horror from the pages of Junji Ito to reality on the big screens of the world!

Junji Ito's Horror Short Stories Get Live-Action by a Famous Hollywood Studio

As previously mentioned, “Bloodsucking Darkness” will be the first of three adaptations from Junji Ito’s Eisner Award-winning collection “Smashed,” which features 13 horror short stories. It remains to be seen which other two stories will be chosen for live-action adaptations.

What do you think about this news? Are you excited for the live-action adaptation, or do you have concerns based on past live-action attempts in otaku culture? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Source: Fangoria News

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