Kaguya Sama: Love Is War Author Shares His Experience With Online Bullying

Being a manga creator is not easy. A mangaka not only tries to satisfy all of their fanbase, but if they failed to do so, they have to face online insults and hate comments. To make the matter worse, some mangaka even received online death threats when a reader didn’t like the story. Luckily, the Japanese Government is aware of this situation, and have taken necessary measures to prevent online harassment.

Kaguya Sama author

Following the announcement of the new Japanese law that will have a 1 year Jail time penalty, and a fine of up to 2200 dollars to online bullying, Kaguya Sama: Love Is War, and Oshi no ko author, Aka Akasaka also decided to share his experience. He wrote on his personal Twitter account:

“Back in the day, when I was on the brink of going to court to take legal action for slander and harassment, I wanted to leave the manga industry so badly that I was dying. I thought if I was going to feel like this, I was definitely going to change jobs. Now I am used to it and I am going to continue (writing manga) for ten years with a lot of time to spare, but they continue to harass me with statements from that time, so everyone should be careful what they say, even if they are sick, and not desperate (warning)”

Aka Akasaka is a Japanese manga author, known for his hit manga series, Kaguya Sama: Love Is War, which has received 3 seasons of the anime adaptation by A-1 Pictures. Following the success of the first manga series, Aka Akasaka started his 2nd manga in 2020, titled Oshi no Ko, which is drawn by Mengo Yokoyari. Oshi no Ko is getting an anime adaptation.

Source: Official Twitter Account

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