Kaiju No. 8 Anime Officially Announced

Naoya Matsumoto’s adventure-fantasy manga series, Kaiju no. 8 is getting an anime adaptation. The announcement was made by the official Twitter account of the anime series.

kaiju no 8 anime

To commemorate the anime announcement, a promotional video has been released by Toho Animation YouTube channel.

Kaiju no. 8 was one of the top 10 most anticipated manga series that Japanese anime fans wanted to see animated alongside Solo Leveling and Oshi no Ko. No production details including the anime studio and cast is yet to be announced. There is no release date window for Kaiju no. 8. For more information, you can follow the official Twitter account of the anime series.

Naoya Matsumoto started writing and drawing the Kaiju no. 8 manga in 2020, and the series has been doing really well in sales since the start. Getting an anime adaptation just 2 years after the start of the manga is an achievement itself. Viz media has licensed the manga in North America. Three manga volumes have been published so far, and the fourth volume is set to release on Oct 11, 2022.

Kaiju no. 8 is the story of Kafka Hibino, whose hometown was destroyed by the attack of Kaiju monsters. In Japan, these Kaijus regularly attack cities and in order to fight them, a defense force is formed. Kafka wants to join the defense force but he fails the entrance exams numerous times and becomes the member of cleaning crew who dispose the Kaiju’s dead bodies. One day, a talking monster flies into Kafka’s mouth and gives him the ability to become a Kaiju himself.

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