Kaiju No. 8 Fans Show Disappointment on the Anime Art Style

First impressions are very important in the anime world. They show fans what to expect later. But sometimes, these first impressions are not good, and the anime gets a bad reputation before it even starts. Chainsaw Man had this problem, and fans asked for a remake. Now, another anime, Kaiju no. 8, might have the same problem because of its character designs.

Kaiju no. 8 is a popular manga series that is being made into an anime by Production I.G. However, the new character designs have fans worried that the anime will not be as good as the manga.

A few days ago, a tweet about the character designs became popular on Twitter. It said the designs were bad and compared them to a bad anime called Ex-Arm.

A few days ago, the production team of Kaiju No. 8 shared the character designs of the show’s main cast. Everything went well until someone tweeted that these character designs don’t satisfy fans’ urges. The tweet is:

The tweet has received over 15 million views and almost nine thousand retweets. In the picture in the tweet, the first pictures show the hype of the fandom in reaction to the preview of the anime (which was released three months before). But things get serious as the last two pictures show concern from the fandom in reaction to the character designs of the characters.

Is this issue concerning?

Well, its hard to judge how the anime adaptation will turn out. We have seen such cases all the time, and fans most of the time overreact. Although fans are indeed concerned about their favourite anime, the production of the anime is still underway, and we only got to see a glimpse of the whole situation.

A similar case happened with Chainsaw Man as it faced hate upon releasing the first trailer, but fans were satisfied when the second trailer of Chainsaw Man was released.

Is Production I.G. the proper studio for Kaiju No. 8?

The answer to that is a perfect yes! Production I.G. has animated some excellent action series like Haikyuu, Guilty Crown, and Ao Ashi. The CGI (3D animation) in all of these anime is top-notch, and the direction of each scene in the series looks perfect, making it the perfect studio was Kaiju No. 8.

The character designs might look strange now, but the production studio has bigger things up its sleeves before the anime airs. Let’s wait for the following preview; this will help us all believe in the studio!

Kaiju No. 8 is an action manga series written by Matsumoto Naoya. So far, the manga has sold almost 11 million copies and won Next Coming Manga Award. The anime adaptation of Kaiju No. 8 was announced on 4 August 2022. The release date for the anime is yet to be announced. Here is the synopsis:

The story revolves around a man named Kafka Hibino, a former Self-Defense Force soldier who dreams of becoming a member of the Defense Force’s Kaiju extermination squad. However, Kafka is stuck working as a cleaner at the Kaiju extermination headquarters until a freak accident transforms him into a Kaiju-human hybrid. Now, Kafka must navigate his new powers and struggle with his loyalty to humanity as he becomes a target for the Kaiju and the Defense Force. The series mixes action, sci-fi, and drama with a unique take on the Kaiju genre.

Kaiju No. 8 Synopsis

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Production I.G. will regain their spot with the second preview of the series? Let us know in the comments down below.

Source: Twitter

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