Latest Tokyo Revengers Chapter Leaves Fans Unhappy

If you didn’t know already Tokyo Revengers chapter 241, ‘A Forced Smile’ is officially out to read right now! So if you haven’t already go give it a read.

If you have, however, already read the chapter then you know that Mikey did some pretty messed up things this chapter. But based on the first couple of reviews, that’s not the biggest issue in this chapter. Fans aren’t just unhappy with what Mikey did, but also why he did it!

Latest Tokyo Revengers Chapter Leaves Fans Unhappy | Anime Senpai

What Happened

So, what exactly did Mikey do? And why? Well, that answer is presented pretty clearly in the chapter itself, but let’s go over it once more.

In chapter 241, ‘A Forced Smile’, we finally get to see the flashback that chapter 240 teased, that being what went down between, Senju, Sanzu, and Baji. At the beginning of the chapter we see Mikey flying a model plane around, one that he yells out, “took his brother a whole month to make.” When the others try to play with it Mikey pulls the model away from them.

Later while the boys are off playing elsewhere, Senju picks up the model and begins playing with it. And for plot reasons, she trips and falls, breaking the model. When Mikey comes by a little bit later he only sees the broken model and asks Senju who broke it. For no reason whatsoever, Senju lies and tells Mikey her brother Sanzu broke it.

A little while later Senju hears screams and more noises outside so she rushes out. Only to see Baji on the floor, Sanzu on his knees; blood all over his face (now bearing his recognizable scars), and Mikey standing above him his arms covered in blood. Mikey’s eyes are also white at the moment meaning that his dark impulses have taken over.

Why Are Fans Unhappy?

The issue here is pretty clear, the chapter is clearly implying that Mikey gave Sanzu those facial scars when they were children, over a toy plane. And of course, fans of the series had more than a couple of words to say about that.

What’s more is that, once Senju finishes her story Takemitchi tells Senju, “It’s not too late for Mikey. Let’s start over and turn over Kanto Manji Gang.” Causing many fans to compare Tokyo Revengers to Fairy Tail due to the use of the infamous power of friendship by Takemitchi. Some are even going as far as to call the series trash, one fan claimed that Tokyo Revengers is the ‘Worst New-Gen’ manga.

As a reader of the series myself, I can understand some of the hate. But going as far as to say the manga is trash is an exaggeration. Also, fans should keep in mind that Senju heard arguing and some other loud noises before witnessing what she did, so there could possibly be more to the story.

With all that explaining out of the way let’s take a look at some of the more… interesting fan reactions.

Fan Reactions

Where To Read

You can read the latest chapters of the Tokyo Revengers on the official site of Kodanshacomics. New chapters come out every Wednesday and we here at Anime Senpai usually have our spoiler breakdowns out by the Monday before.

So, we’ll be back next week with more Tokyo Revengers spoilers and news, till then stay tuned!

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