LiSA and Aimer will perform Demon Slayer season 2 theme songs

Today, Sept 25, 2021, is probably the happiest day in the life of a Demon Slayer fan. Not only Demon Slayer got the release date for season 2, two Jpop queens will be performing the theme songs for the franchise. What more a fan could ask for?

Demon Slayer “Mugen Train Arc” will get new opening and ending theme song performed by LiSA. The opening song is titled “Akeboshi”, while the ending theme is titled “Shirogane”.

Demon Slayer “Entertainment District Arc” opening and ending theme will be performed by Aimer. The opening theme is titled “Zankyo Chi Uta”, while the ending theme is titled “Asa ga Kuru”.

Who is Aimer?

Well, to simply put, Aimer is one of the most popular singers in Japan. In anime community, she is known for singing some of the absolute fire theme songs including “Fate Stay Night 2nd opening”, “Vinland Saga ending 1”, and “Fire Force 3rd opening”.

Who is LiSA?

LiSA is known for her electric voice, and for giving demon slayer fans some of the best anime openings ever. Her Demon Slayer theme songs “Gurenge” and “Homura” has won her many awards in the past year. She has also worked on Fate/Zero opening 1, and “My Hero Academia 2nd season 1st ending”.

When is season 2 releasing?

Demon Slayer “Mugen Train Arc” will be broadcasted as 7 episodes. The first episode will be released on October 10, 2021.

Demon Slayer “Entertainment District Arc” is scheduled to be released on December 5. Both arcs will be available on Funimation and Crunchyroll at the same day.


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