LiSA Returns to Sing the Japanese Version of Across the Spider-Verse Movie Theme Song

LiSA announced on her Twitter account on May 23 that she will sing the theme song of the movie Across the Spider-verse’s Japanese version.

LiSa Japanese singer

LiSA or Oribe Risa is a Japanese anisong (anime song) singer. Before becoming an anisong singer, LiSA joined several bands, namely Girls Dead Monster, CHUCKY, and B.B.WAVES.

To date, she already has a lot of popular anime songs in her list, including Gurenge and Homura of Demon Slayer; Catch the Moment, Shirushi, Crossing Field, and ADAMAS of Sword Art Online; and Datte Atashino Hero of My Hero Academia.

Reason Why She Went on Hiatus

However, in 2021, she announced her hiatus from the entertainment world due to the cheating scandal between her and her voice actor husband, Tatsuhisa Suzuki (Makoto Tachibana, Anos Voldigold, and Ban)

The couple both went into a hiatus due to “health issues,” Tatsuki’s poor health, while LiSA suffering from “physical and mental fatigue.”

LiSa and Tatsuki

The problem between the two went dark when Tatsuki attempted to take his own life, resulting in him being hospitalized for two weeks.

Despite their problems, LiSA still rushed to the hospital to check his condition. Sadly, her husband’s actions have put her in a terrible condition, so her record label was worried about the situation.

LiSA’s Return

Regardless of LiSA’s problems, fans, the public, and the media still showed her full support, waiting for her comeback.

And after the never-ending support and patience of the people looking forward to her recovery, LiSA finally announced her return to her entertainment activities.

LiSA will be performing the theme song for the Japanese dubbed Spiderman upcoming film.

Many fans are looking forward to her Japanese version of the Across the Spider-Verse theme song, which she recently announced via Twitter. The theme song is titled “REALIZE,” and It will be released on June 16, 2023.

Source: Twitter

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