Luffy’s Voice Actress Gear 4th Cosplay Goes Viral

The protagonist of One Piece, Luffy has gradually increased his strength in order to face dangerous foes in the grand line. In the manga series, Luffy has already achieved another huge power-up, currently not shown in the anime adaptation, but as far as anime fans are concerned, Gear 4th is still the most powerful form that Luffy can achieve.

67 years old Mayumi Tanaka is not only the voice behind Luffy’s iconic character, but also a huge fan of Eiichiro Oda’s series. Mayumi Tanaka knows that due to her age, she might not be able to see the end of One Piece, so she has already named a voice actress that should replace her as Luffy’s voice, if something happens to her in the future. It is evident that she loves giving voice to Luffy and that is why Mayumi shared a cosplay of Luffy’s gear 4th which is going viral on the One Piece subreddit.

In reality, Mayumi Tanaka shared this cosplay 5 years ago, but recently it went viral on Reddit probably because One Piece series has gathered so many new fans in past years who haven’t seen Mayumi’s Gear 4th cosplay before. In the video, Mayumi is cosplaying Luffy’s gear 4 by dressing in an armor of inflated balloons.

Gear 4th is a technique that Luffy acquired to fight enemies who use Haki. Luffy coats his arms in Haki before biting into them. He blows an incredible amount of air into his upper half, which gives me incredible strength and speed.

The upcoming One Piece film red is surely going to have more of Luffy’s Gear 4th, and according to rumours, we might see Luffy’s Gear 5 in the film as well. It will be interesting to see if Mayumi Tanaka tries cosplaying Gear 5 in the future.

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