Lycoris Recoil Season 2: What Do We Know so Far?

Lycoris Recoil season 1 is finally finished with its last episode, and we look forward to how the story will continue in the coming season. The episode was enhanced by using that major theme music. Furthermore, Chisato fought with all her heart. We are relieved to learn that they emerged unscathed from the ordeal.

We won’t sugarcoat it. Even at the series’ climax, we appreciate the show’s characters’ chemistry. The episode ended on a cute note. Consequently, the fans have started asking questions about whether the Lycoris Recoil will have a Season 2.

A-1 Pictures is responsible for the outstanding animation behind Lycoris Recoil. In the past, A-1 Pictures has been eminent for its awesome animation in Erased, Sword Art Online, Kaguya-sama, and many more.

Lycoris Recoil is a Japanese mixed-media project created by Spider Lily and Asaura. The anime television series’ first season aired on July 2, 2022. The series is relatively different from the other anime we have seen. Since it depicts an original story and does not follow the manga, but rather the manga is following the original anime story.

lycoris recoil season 2

Lycoris Recoil tells the story of a secret society of orphaned schoolgirl assassins known as “Lycoris.” They work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep Tokyo’s reputation as one of the cleanest and safest cities in the world. Their mission is to find and destroy any potential threats to the vulnerable section of the metropolis in Japan, whether they are terrorists, weapons traffickers, hackers, or killers.

Today’s article will answer your questions and provide you with all the details you need regarding Lycoris Recoil Season 2.

Key Takeaways

  • The Season 2 of Lycoris Recoil is not yet announced, or there aren’t any talks about whether A-1 Pictures will continue to develop this series. Lycoris Recoil has 13 episodes that you can watch on Crunchyroll.
  • The Lycoris Recoil season 2 is expected to be released in Fall 2024, even if it’s announced after the end of the first season because of the busy schedule of the A-1 Pictures.
  • Lycoris Recoil is an original anime which is developed by A-1 Pictures. It doesn’t follow in any footsteps. However, the manga adapts to the original anime story. In addition, a spin-off light novel, Lycoris Recoil: Ordinary Days.
  • Sequel seasons of an anime heavily depend on how well the general audience receives it. As in this case, the popularity of Lycoris Recoil is massive. It has some great numbers in viewership. It is just a matter of time before we see an announcement of the second season as the story does not reach its conclusion.

Is Lycoris Recoil Season 2 Confirmed?

In light of everything they have accomplished in 13 episodes, it would be a big letdown if the anime ended with only the first season. Primarily, they’ve just debuted LilyBell, which could easily compete with Lycoris. It would be unfortunate if a sequel would not announced.

Whether or if the story of Chisato Nishikigi and Takina Inoue, two LycoReco girls, continues in the Lycoris program of the DA organization is up to the anime’s authors and production studio. It seems likely that there will be a continuation of this. 

Since it’s evident that this series has sequel potential, the producers may have opted to alter the show’s original direction of a tragic finale to set the stage for future installments. There’s a lot of possibility for expansion, and in light of current trends, we can see this turning into a movie.

Positive reviews have increased the likelihood of a second season of the Lycoris Recoil anime series, although it may be some time before we see it. However, there is a considerable condition to renew Lycoris Recoil since the show is an anime original, not based on any preexisting manga or light novels.

This implies that the time it takes for Asaura and Spider Lily, who wrote the plot for season 1, to build a new narrative is far longer than initially anticipated. And that’s not all; A-1 Pictures has a full slate of projects lined up through 2024, including Nier: Automata Ver1.1a, Mashle: Magic and Muscles, Solo Leveling, Eisen Flugel, and Kaguya-sama: Love is War -The First Kiss Never Ends.

Fans shouldn’t anticipate Lycoris Recoil’s comeback until 2024, but it should give Asaura and Spider Lily plenty of time to develop a unique narrative for season 2.

Next Official Update on Season 2

The official Twitter account of the Lycoris Recoil anime has announced that a face-to-face event for the franchise will take place on February 11, 2023, in Tokyo at a venue that will be announced later.

his event will feature the voice actors of the anime, including Chika Anzai (voice of Chisato Nishikigi), Shion Wakayama (voice of Takina Inoue), Ami Koshimizu (voice of Mizuki Nakahara), and Misaki Kuno (voice of Kurumi). It is more than likely that fans will get some information about the development of season 2.

Lycoris Recoil Source Material

lycoris recoil manga

Studio A-1 Pictures came up with the concept for the anime series themselves. A Lycoris Recoil manga and a Lycoris Recoil: Ordinary Days offshoot tale light novel exist, but they are adaptations of the anime rather than the other way around. When Shingo Adachi directed the Lycoris Recoil animation, he did it for the first time.

His experience includes positions as character designer and head animator for the popular Sword Art Online. According to Adachi, he was also engaged in the scripting, series composition, and storyboarding processes in addition to directing episodes. He was on his own to choose the flow of the story and the tone of the writing.

Before Adachi became involved, Mr. Asaura had a basic scenario encompassing the five significant characters at Lyco-Reco Café. Aniplex drove the project. According to Adachi, effective modifications were made to the basic idea. Indeed, the idea that the government would use female child murderers to maintain public order secretly was not initially a part of this plan.

The previous editor in charge of Asaura’s works said of him in a meeting with A-1 Pictures producer Kashiwada to discuss Saekano, “this man is nuts.” Kashiwada was then introduced to Asaura. A new anime production eventually invited Asaura to join it. Before inviting Asaura to collaborate on the project, Kashiwada read her “girls with weapons” story titled “Death Need Round.”

Therefore, they included firearms in the revised story. Asura developed the primary cast and worldview and provided the synopsis and a couple of spin-offs as deliverables. The filmmaker didn’t want the notion to go as dark as Under the Dog or Gunslinger Girl, even though the introduction of the organization had a profound effect on the story’s tone.

What Can We Anticipate About Lycoris Recoil Season 2?

As we previously said, there have been no official announcements about a second season of the anime. We look forward to hearing from A-1 Pictures or the Lycoris Recoil team in the coming months. If that occurs, there will be more opportunities to experience the girls with guns in action.

That leaves us wondering: what can we expect from Season 2, and where will the plot go from here? As of now, the story has culminated in the 13th episode. While the rest of the Lycoris battle their way out of Enkuboku, where the terrorist is set to reenact the prior tragedy by rigging the whole radio tower with explosives.

DA is still in danger as long as Majima is still alive. Although life in Japan generally seems to be returning to normal, Chisato has vanished. While searching for the missing female, Takina gets into a comical gunfight.

After she had recovered, she fled away on her vacation, prompting the latter to track her down with Kurumi’s assistance as they both enjoyed their time off. The present state of the anime is quite complicated. Alan operatives may return as enemies in Lycoris Recoil Season 2 since their destiny is still up in the air, along with the gloomy organization.

The first season focused on Chisato’s history, her rivalry with Majima, and the impact of the Alan Institute’s perspective on skills. With that foundation established, Season 2 of Lycoris Recoil may take the idea on a refreshing new path that will delight the viewers.

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Lycoris Recoil Popularity

lycoris recoil season 2 predictions

It should be pointed out that the popularity of the series matters; as revealed by My Dress-up Darling director, season 2 was made possible by fans’ support.

Reactions varied from writers at Anime News Network and Anime Feminist. Some applauded the series for its characters and graphics, while others said it “glorified brutality. The girls-with-guns genre was revitalized along with this anime’s characters and action sequences.

Three weeks after its release, Lycoris Recoil topped the ranking in Anime Corner’s Summer 2022 Weekly Poll. The series has a rating of 8.3/10 on MyAnimeList.

Lycoris Recoil ranked second on the “Top 10 Most-Watched Anime in Japan” list for August 2022, and as of the 24th of the same month, it had become the “Most-Watched Anime from the summer season.”

Asaura, the series author, said on August 22, 2022, that the novel’s pre-orders had become so successful that they had requested a second printing before the September 9 publishing date.

Update Sept 28: Lycoris Recoil Blu-ray volume 1 sold 23,383 copies during its first week of release, making it one of the best-selling original anime and placing it in the Top 50 best sellers.

Usually, if the anime series sells more than 5,000 copies, it is considered that the series is well like among the audience, so a massive number like 23,383 is just another hint to the production committee about how much fans like the series.

Several circumstances might result in the cancellation of an anime, including low ratings, conceptual disputes between the cast, producers, and other staff members, and backlash from viewers. We hope this will not be the case with Lycoris Recoil Season 2. Many people watch anime because it tells fantastic tales and has memorable characters.

Final Verdict

The excitement around an original anime television series differs from that of a manga adaptation because viewers have no idea what will happen next; they are more interested in watching the original content. On the contrary, in the past, we know that original anime disappointed the fans, and the journey to it was not pleasing.

I hope the production stays dedicated to the series and producers’ excellent content in the future, as they have done with the first season. There are still many paths that the second show could go in. Meanwhile, we must wait for the official announcement and see how things will turn out, even if there will be no Lycrois Recoil Season 2.

I would be happier rather than disappointed as it was an enjoyable ride. We usually do not see John Wick getting reincarnated as an anime girl in most of the anime out there. The original anime and manga adaptations of anime both have the potential to tell a one-of-a-kind story. It might become one of the greatest anime of this time because of its unique take. Everything is in favor of Season 2.

Meanwhile, we have to wait for the good news. We will update this article once we get the official information. Please stay connected with us, and we hope for the best. We will keep you updated with all the information regarding the Lycoris Recoil Season 2. Make sure to follow us on our Socials. Until then. Peace!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should we expect Lycoris Recoil to return for a second season?

As of now, there is no confirmation for the second season of Lycoris Recoil. Its second season production heavily depends on the feedback from the viewers on the first season as it is an original anime story.

  • How many episodes will Lycoris Recoil have?

The first season of the Lycoris Recoil has 13 episodes. You can stream Lycoris Recoil on Crunchyroll.

  • Does Lycoris Recoil have a light novel?

A spin-off light novel of Lycoris Recoil is published by the name Lycoris Recoil: Ordinary Days by the hands of Ashura. It was released on September 9, 2022.

  • Does Lycoris Recoil have a manga adaptation?

Lycoris Recoil has a unique scenario. In this case, the manga adapts to the original anime story. Its manga adaptation by Yasunori Bizen began serialization on September 5, 2022.

  • Is there a Lycoris Recoil season 2 trailer?

The production committee has not released the trailer for season 2 yet.

Where to Watch Lycoris Recoil?

Lycoris Recoil is being shown on many Japanese channels, including Tokyo MX, GYT, GTV, and BS11. However, Lycoris Recoil Season 1 was streamed weekly on Crunchyroll, VRV, Aniplex Asia, and Netflix Japan for international fans. The Blu-Ray version of the series is also coming. It will cover all 13 episodes in 6 DVD volumes. 

About Lycoris Recoil

The plot of this anime seems to be a combination of many different ones. Rather than adequately enforcing Psycho-Pass, this looks to be a more casual take on the same idea. Aesthetically, I like the colors and the concept. This story has a good premise. Frankly, I didn’t have high hopes for this anime.

When I heard about it, I assumed it was just another generic anime that no one would remember ahead in the future. However, I was incorrect. The story is fantastic, and the characters are even better. Also, it’s nice to see something different, like adorable anime heroines brandishing firearms and engaging in bloody battles.

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