Mangaka Demands 1 Billion Dollars from Elon Musk for using his Artwork without Permission

In the last few months, Elon Musk has been in the spotlight as he is demanding verified people on Twitter to pay 8.00 dollars as the new CEO of Twitter. But recently, things haven’t been going well for him as people have started to raise their voices against him in many ways.

Elon Musk controversy with manga author stealing art without permission

Most recently, a manga author named Satou Kentarou accused the CEO of Twitter of copywriting that Elon has used his artwork as a meme without permission and is now demanding money.

The tweet roughly translates as:

Elon Musk, the new CEO of Twitter, has reprinted my picture on Twitter without permission, so please give me 1 billion for the usage fee. in dollars.

Satou Kentarou on Twitter

The artwork of Satou-sensei that Elon used is from “Magical Girl Site”, which ended in 2019 and has 16 physical volumes. It is a drama-horror manga that aired almost six years and had an anime adaptation.

Following the tweet, Satou Kentarou also uploaded some panels from the respective manga showing others from where Elon stole this artwork. In addition, he also uploaded the link to the first volume of this manga on amazon, just for the people to buy this manga.

Most recently, Twitter also had a controversy with another author as the account of that author was banned.

Whether Satou-sensei uploaded this tweet for serious or non-serious reasons by the respective artists, he got the publicity he wanted as he shared the link for people to buy his volume. And also, the money he demanded is absurd. For now, he has not received any contact from the CEO, but we shall see if this turns into something serious or just a funny joke, just like always.

Magical Girl Site manga panel controversy Twitter

Magical Girl site tells the story of Aya, a high school girl who gets bullied every day by her classmates and big brother, and this makes her want to take her own life.

One day, when she is about to give up on life, she finds a website named “Magical Girl Site”, which promises her a happy life. She considers this a prank, but she gets satisfied when she gets the power to kill her bullies. But everything comes with flaws, and Aya is now in trouble. Will she be able to survive such a dangerous happy life, and will she find what lies behind this mysterious website?”

Source: Twitter

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