Mangaka Demands 1 Billion Dollars from Elon Musk for using his Artwork without Permission

Published on November 12th, 2022

In the last few months, Elon Musk has been in the spotlight as he is demanding verified people on Twitter to pay 8.00 dollars as the new CEO of Twitter. But recently, things haven’t been going well for him as people have started to raise their voices against him in many ways.

Elon Musk controversy with manga author stealing art without permission

Most recently, a manga author named Satou Kentarou accused the CEO of Twitter of copywriting that Elon has used his artwork as a meme without permission and is now demanding money.

The tweet roughly translates as:

Elon Musk, the new CEO of Twitter, has reprinted my picture on Twitter without permission, so please give me 1 billion for the usage fee. in dollars.

Satou Kentarou on Twitter

The artwork of Satou-sensei that Elon used is from “Magical Girl Site”, which ended in 2019 and has 16 physical volumes. It is a drama-horror manga that aired almost six years and had an anime adaptation.

Following the tweet, Satou Kentarou also uploaded some panels from the respective manga showing others from where Elon stole this artwork. In addition, he also uploaded the link to the first volume of this manga on amazon, just for the people to buy this manga.

Most recently, Twitter also had a controversy with another author as the account of that author was banned.

Whether Satou-sensei uploaded this tweet for serious or non-serious reasons by the respective artists, he got the publicity he wanted as he shared the link for people to buy his volume. And also, the money he demanded is absurd. For now, he has not received any contact from the CEO, but we shall see if this turns into something serious or just a funny joke, just like always.

Magical Girl Site manga panel controversy Twitter

Magical Girl site tells the story of Aya, a high school girl who gets bullied every day by her classmates and big brother, and this makes her want to take her own life.

One day, when she is about to give up on life, she finds a website named “Magical Girl Site”, which promises her a happy life. She considers this a prank, but she gets satisfied when she gets the power to kill her bullies. But everything comes with flaws, and Aya is now in trouble. Will she be able to survive such a dangerous happy life, and will she find what lies behind this mysterious website?”

Source: Twitter

31 thoughts on “Mangaka Demands 1 Billion Dollars from Elon Musk for using his Artwork without Permission

  1. The work is in the public square. If they can do this, everyday talk, poetry, song or known art would be locked up and society would suffer from a frozen culture.

    1. Right. Comparing what Musk has been doing, whether you like it or not, is not even remotely similar to demanding royalties for use of an image. Particularly one that’s going to fall under fair use

      This just seems like a cheap attempt to take some swings at Musk over a non-issue.


    2. I think his point is it’s not a meme, it’s his artwork and he’s the copywriter. Musk stole it and turned it into a meme.

      1. And memes *can* be copywriten. Troll-face is a copywriten meme whoae original author collects licensing fees (and legal judgements).

    3. If a normal everyday person did what Elon did, the company wouldn’t come after them and, if they did, it would only be a small charge like $1000. For people saying it isn’t enough, if this was yr child who did this, you would be ok with them dining you 1 billion dollars? Also, the vendor gets so much visibility and money for Elon using their images. By doing this and asking for an outrageous fee, he is likely to be shunned by the community. Poor form by the company. If anything, they should pay Elon for using their images and the publicity.

  2. He is not asking for enough. Musk needs to be forced to pay so much that he does not steal again. This isn’t the first time.

    1. Your musk derangement syndrome is showing. Nothing was stolen. Fair use is a thing. This is just a PR stunt by the artist.

    2. He was charged and convicted of stealing? What and when, as an investor I would like to know where you get this info from? Hopefully you’re not making it up, thats slanderous. Throw them stones tho, woman.

    3. Oh stop your whining. This artist deserves what anime art is worth, $100 give or take. Go ahead and Name one piece of anime that’s worth a billion. I’ll be waiting…….while your at it, Name one piece of digital art worth 1 billion dollars….I’ll be waiting for that too. Get over yourself and your media influenced hatred and jealousy of Elon Musk.

    4. Lol you arent too bright if you think that is stealing. He used a still image to make a meme that wasn’t being profited off of. It’s legal to make memes of pretty much anything as long as you’re aren’t making money from it then it’s legal. Go learn some facts kid n go kick rocjs

  3. At first I thought it was something serious but seriously… copyright over a meme image everyone uses?
    Not only that but that artist blatantly only cares about money. Asking for absurd amounts and then unironically posting a link to buy their book off amazon to get money off everyone else.

  4. I wonder how the artist feels that most social media platforms have a fine print that anything posted to their platform becomes property of the platform, which usually enables the content to be shared with no repercussion. Artist is being a new age gold digger.

  5. Those terms and conditions you agreed to when signing up for twitter? Yeah Elon can use anything you upload however he wants to and you can’t do anything about it

  6. Honestly even if it is a meme the artist should t get backlash for wanting to sue. Of course many people use it as memes but that is still plagiarism. It’s from a book, books are copyrighted. Don’t get upset at Mangaka for wanting to sue Elon.

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