Mushoku Tensei Author Reveals Why Vella Wears Revealing Outfit

In the last 2 episodes, Mushoku Tensei revealed 2 new characters, Vella and Shella to anime fans. Vella quickly got the attention of Mushoku Tensei fans, all thanks to the revealing outfit.

Vella’s outfit was one of the reasons why the fight between Paul and Rudues escalated. Rudeus blamed Paul for forcing Vella to wear the revealing outfit. Paul got angry and punched Rudy in the face.

There is a painful reason behind Vella’s outfit which has been explained in the light novel series, but wasn’t included in the anime adaptation. To prevent fans from getting a wrong idea, author of the series Rifujin na Magonote reveals Vella and Shella story on his Twitter account.

“Vella and Shella are sisters who were adventurous in the territory of Fittoa. Due to the horrible experiences she suffered after the “Teleportation Incident”, Shella developed a phobia towards men, so Vella wears a very revealing armor so that the men’s gazes fall on her and not on her sister. This effect was clearly demonstrated in his first meeting with Rudeus” he wrote.

The author continued in the next tweet:

Vella takes care of Norn while Paul is drinking. She is a good girl. Paul fled to alcohol in desperation, but not to women, so there is no physical relationship between the two

By the way, Geese Nukadia, like Elinalise Dragonroad and Tallhand, was once a member of the same adventurer team as Paul Greyrat. He did not tell Rudeus about Paul because he wanted to enjoy the reunion between the two in the front row. That is why he told both of them to “go to the Adventurer’s Guild”, although things did not go as planned

The Mushoku Tensei anime is based on the light novel series written by Rifujin na Magnonote. The light novel series is already finished with 24 volumes. Currently, Mushoku Tensei season 1 part 2 is airing on Funimation and Muse Asia. The anime is produced by Studio Bind, which has long term plans for adapting the Mushoku Tensei series.

Mushoku Tensei series tells the story of a 35 year old man, who gets reincarnated into a world of magic and swords. He had many regrets in his previous life, so when he gets the second chance, he vows to live his life without regrets.

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