My Hero Academia Chapter 393 Spoilers: An Anticipated Quirk Awakening

As the release of the much-anticipated My Hero Academia chapter 393 is nearing, many fans have created a buzz on Twitter about Ochako vs. Toga. As we know, before the release of a chapter, many leaks surface online two or three days before the official release.

MHA chapter 393

The official release of the chapter is slated to release in the Weekly Shounen Jump Issue #32 on Monday at 00:00 AM, JST. The chapter was initially supposed to release a week earlier, but it was delayed due to the author’s poor health condition.

In this article, we will talk about the spoilers of My Hero Academia chapter 393 that have surfaced online that you need to know!

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A Recap of Chapter 392

Before we dive into the spoilers of Chapter 393, here is a little recap of Chapter 392 if you are unfamiliar with what happened in the previous chapter.

After the fight between Uravity and Toga hits its peak, we are welcomed with a flashback of Toga’s past.

Toga explains how hard it was for her to fit into the family as a young child. Toga was often misunderstood by her parents for being a monster of bloodlust, as she was framed for drinking the blood of a sparrow she found in her garden.

After the flashback, Ochako theorized that Toga cannot copy Shigaraki and Dabi as she has conflicting love and bloodlust that does not allow her to copy them.

After a few moments, Twice clones started to take a new form by ingesting the blood from all over the battlefield, making Toga enraged and stabbing Ochako.

Chapter 393 Spoilers: Ochako’s Quirk Awakening

Chapter 393, titled “A Girl’s Ego,” will be 17 pages long. The chapter will also contain two spreads.

The chapter welcomes us with a flashback of the League of Villains, discussing their villain pseudonyms. While discussing their names, they noticed that Toga and Shigaraki were the only ones without any villain pseudonyms.

After discussing a few names for them, Dabi ridiculed their pseudonyms as the names they discussed were there before the existence of Quirks, hinting the series is set in the far future after the quirks came into existence.

Although, Shigaraki thinks that having a pseudonym lets the League of Villains hide their real identity from society, making them blind from society.

After the flashback, we cut back to the present and where Ochako got stabbed. Somehow, Ochako manages to touch Toga and activate Zero Gravity, but she deliberately gets touched as it won’t affect her plan.

Toga realizes that even though Ochako shows her sympathy after the war ends, she will be caged by Ochako. Toga activates “Dead Man’s Legion” and starts making the clones of other heroes to attack Ochako.

Fortunately, Ochako manages to defend herself despite bleeding profusely from where she was stabbed. Ochako realizes that even though Toga’s actions are unredeemable, she partially understands that her surroundings are responsible for her actions.

After Ochako confronts Toga, her fingers sparkle, and a lightning-type ambiance spreads throughout the field. Through that aura, Toga’s clones started to lift up in the air.

Jiro realizes that Ochako has gained a quirk awakening, as to make Zero Gravity work, Ochako needs to touch her opponent physically.

The chapter ends with Ochako reaching out to Toga, and at the last panel, we can see Ochako lending her arm to little Toga so she can drink her blood and finally stop crying.

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Where to Read?

My Hero Academia can be read officially on both sources, Viz Media website and Manga Plus app. Please support the series by reading it on the official sources and purchasing a copy if it is available in your area since that motivates the author to craft more great stories like this!

Here is everything you need to know about Chapter 393 of My Hero Academia; we will keep you updated as more information about the chapter comes out!

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