My Hero Academia’s Author Reveals His Comfort Mangas

Every manga fanatic, including mangakas, has their favorite manga series that comforts them. Not long aga Eiichiro Oda, the author of One Piece, to Masashi Kishimoto, the author of Naruto, revealed their favorite manga in the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine.

Recently, we learned about the two comfort mangas of Kohei Horikoshi, the author of the renowned manga, My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia Author Reveals his comfort manga

Though it is uncommon that a mangaka reveals their favorite manga or even have time to read another work due to the sheer amount of workload, they have.

MHA Author’s Favorite Manga

In the last issue of Weekly Shounen Jump magazine, Kohei Horikoshi talked about something he never usually does, his two comfort manga as of right now.

Kohei Horikoshi revealed that he is reading romance manga, ‘Skip and Loafer’ by Misaki Tamakatsu and ‘Blooming Love’ by Daichi Kawada which recently started serializing in Manga Plus app.

Though is it a commonly known fact that mangaka are one of the most hardworking individuals ever, so it is no surprise most of the mangaka pick up slice-of-life and romance manga to read while they take a break from their work.

Kohei Horikoshi’s fans were quite happy to see him reading some of the best romance and slice-of-life manga currently serializing.

The fans of Skip and Loafer were amazed to see the manga finally get enough recognition, as the anime barely catched any attention this season.

Blooming Love recently started serializing and has not gained that much attention yet.

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What is Skip and Loafer about?

Skip and Loafer is a lighthearted romance and slice-of-life manga written and drawn by Misaki Takamatsu and published by Kodansha.

The manga takes a general romance route and follows an exceptional student Iwakura Mitsumi, who always dreamed of leaving her small town and passing an entrance exam of a prestigious university, but she has no idea what is coming for her.

Focused on her goals recklessly, Mitsumi begins her overwhelming life in a Tokyo high shcool. Mitsumi has an extrovert personality and starts making friends right away when she meets a boy named Shima Sousuke, and everything starts taking a different turn for her.

Both of them have contradicting personalities. Mitsumi is always over-prepared, and Sousuke is laid-back in every situation, they are trying to make big in the mega city of Tokyo. Will they be able to achieve their dreams together?

Skip and Loafer recently had an anime adaptation air in spring 2023, animated by P.A. Works.

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About Blooming Love

Blooming Love is a romantic-comedy slice-of-life manga that recently started serializing in Manga Plus app by Shuiesha.

As of now, the manga only has six chapters and gives a brief overview of our main characters. The manga follows school students named Shintaro Ibuki and Kyoko Sugisaki.

blooming love

Shinatro Ibuki is a flimsy school boy who takes interest in art who takes interest in romance, and Kyoko Sugisaki is a craftsgirl, who has a ‘scary’ look on her face all the time, but deep down is a sweet and warm hearted person.

Where To Read?

Skip and Loafer can be read physically and digitally on Seven Seas Entertainment website. Blooming Love can be read at Shueisha’s Manga Plus app for free every week.

Also, we always encourage the readers to support the authors when their works are available in the reader’s region, as it motivates the authors to create more beautiful manga like these!

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