My Hero Academia Chapter 399 Spoilers: Aoyama In The Spotlight

The previous chapter of My Hero Academia left the fans in awe and a state of sadness. The number one and everyone’s favorite hero, All Might, might be unable to make it out of this intense situation.

my hero academia chapter 399

The intense and anticipated rematch between All Might and All For One might conclude soon. The spoilers and raw scans for My Hero Academia chapter 399 have surfaced online.

Chapter 399 is officially slated to release on September 4, 2023, with the weekly Shonen Jump issue #40. Before we dive into the spoilers, here is a concise recap of chapter 398!

My Hero Academia Chapter 398 Recap:

My Hero Academia chapter 398, titled “Toshinori Yagi Rising Origin,” was quite an emotional chapter for the fans. The chapter began with the flashback of Toshinori meeting Nana for the first time. This was an anticipated flashback for the fans, but this gave us an eerie warning that All Might would be reaching his end.

If you’re unfamiliar, showing a flashback of the character when they are in a fatal state means their end is near. This a shonen manga catalyst. The chapter then cuts back to the fight between All Might and AFO.

A projectile penetrates AFO’s chest and injects an acid that damages him over time. AFO then uses another attack by combining multiple quirks to blast off All Might far away. Although All Might survived the previous blast, this one did a number on him.

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With broken ribs, torn organs, and a destroyed respiratory system, All Might has nowhere to go now. Resting atop the U.A. building, AFO is taking a detour towards the building to wipe All Might’s existence.

The chapter ends with All Might and Deku having a parallel moment while they both fight the most evil villains. Now that we have covered the recap, here are the spoilers!

My Hero Academia Chapter 399 Spoilers & Raw Scans:

According to the spoilers, My Hero Academia chapter 399 will be titled “A.C. Powered Lamp.” It begins with AFO destroying the building while All Might dodges his attacks. All Might dodges with Froppy and Tentacole, which increases his mobility and lets him stick to the walls.

All Might then begins to plan his next attack, which will make use of Shoto’s cannon and Tailman’s tail. After considering it, All Might might have to use “that” student’s quirk if AFO’s rewinding depends on the amount of damage he takes.

All Might then asks the Anima birds to fly him somewhere far away, to which AFO says that running after laughing like that is quite pathetic and underwhelming. AFO knows what All Might is thinking and plans to kill him with minimal effort.

All Might dodges AFO’s Black Tendrils attack and then returns face-to-face with two monstrous mouths. He calls AFO a liar as he is not using his minimal strength to put an end to him. The mouths start chasing All Might and destroy everything in their way.

AFO laughs hysterically and says that All Might’s smile is no more and he is just an old man copying his students’ power. The black tendrils break his armor’s tentacles and AFO claims he will end the symbol of peace.

All Might try his best to dodge AFO’s attack, but he gets surprisingly attacked by AFO from a wall, which causes him to spit out blood. AFO says All Might’s light is gradually decreasing, and he will die soon.

But All Might is not done yet; he shoots the Shoto’s canon inside AFO’s mouth and says he has not learned anything. The chapter then cuts to Aoyama, who is still undefeated at the hands of Kuneida.

Aoyama is bleeding and has roses growing inside his body. He somehow manages to make another attack with a laser, but Kuneida says he does not need any more light because his seeds only need human flesh to grow.

Fat Gum explains that roots have grown inside his body, preventing him from using his quirk. He tells Aoyama to do his best and passes out due to the roots. When the flower inside Fat Gum blooms, the pollens cause a chain reaction that creates new flowers.

One of the flowers bit Aoyama’s belt and hands it to Kuneida. Later, Kuneida speaks about how Aoyama is pathetic for having a broken quirk. Aoyama reminisces about his past and remembers his mistakes when Kuneida called him a traitor.

Aoyama uses his ‘broken’ quirks without his belt, and the laser starts going berserk, moving in all directions. None of them can hit Kuneida, and he laughs. Hagakure appears behind Kuneida and uses a mirror to reflect the laser to give a perfect shot to Kuneida.

The chapter then cuts back to All Might, who is still giving out his speech that the new generation is illuminating the darkness and allowing him to shine again. The chapter ends with Hercules launching a laser at AFO while still in the air. M Hero Academia will be on break next week, so the next chapter is two weeks away!

Where To Read?

My Hero Academia chapter 399 will be released on September 4, 2023, at Midnight PM JST.

The upcoming chapter of the series will be published on the Manga Plus app and Viz Media’s website. Please support the series by reading it on the official sources and purchasing a copy if it is available in your area since that motivates the author to craft more great stories like this!

We will keep you updated as more information about the chapter comes out!

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