My Hero Academia Chapter 398 Spoilers: End of A Legacy?!

With the release of My Hero Academia chapter 397, it seems that All Might is now in a tight situation against the fight of All For One. The sky is unclear for All Might, as his armor is messed up pretty badly from the attack of All For One using several quirks and combining them into a single attack.

As the release window for My Hero Academia chapter 398 draws near, the spoilers for the chapters have been circulating online. The chapter will officially be released on Monday Midnight (Japan-Standard-Time) with Weekly Shonen Jump issue #39.

Before we start inspecting the spoilers of chapter 398 of My Hero Academia, here is a concise recap of chapter 397, which was published almost a week ago.

My Hero Academia Chapter 397 Recap:

Chapter 397 of My Hero Academia, titled “Picking Up The Trash,” was a turning point for the series where situations get hot between the rematch of All Might and All For One.

Although the chapter was relatively short, i.e., only seven pages long, it gave us a detailed look at the feelings of All Might throughout the fight.

The chapter begins with All Might taunting All For One repeatedly to gain the upper hand since AFO is short-tempered. All Might states that he feels terrible for beating All For One, a young man, and All Might being over 50.

Hearing this, AFO initiates an attack combining multiple quirks at once that launches All Might far away, damaging his Hercules armor and cape. Learning the risks, All Might activate the maximum strength mode of Hercules armor.

AFO strikes back with a taunt on All Might, calling him ‘trash’ and saying he just needs to take out the garbage can. The chapter ends with AFO claiming he will be victorious; he must take the garbage out of his way.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 398 Spoilers:

My Hero Academia Chapter 398, titled “Toshinari Yagi Rising Origin,” will be 15 pages long, two times longer than the previous chapter. The chapter begins with young Toshinori asking Nana to become her disciple. The manga then cuts back to the rematch between AFO and All Might.

A new item flies out of All Might’s car and instantly pierces AFO. The item inserted a deadly acid in AFO. Out of irony, All Might call AFO ‘Rotting Garbage’ just like he called All Might a few moments ago. Then again, the manga returns to Toshinori’s past, where he persuades Nana to make him a disciple.

Nana refused as Toshinori was quirkless himself, and he could only protect a three-meter area if it got attacked. Toshinori also added that his family was killed, and so was Nana’s, but she has no time to waste for revenge.

But revenge is not All Might’s primary goal; he wants to end the spiral of crime and hatred. Surprised, Nana asks Toshiori why he wants to be helpful when he’s quirkless. Toshinori answers beautifully and explains that every average human is trying to protect their three-metered area, and he should too.

Cutting back to the fight again, All Might and AFO crash into a station and then start flying away. They keep flying, and the police announce they’re near the U.A. All Might is lying atop the U.A. building with broken ribs and malfunctioning respiratory organs.

AFO takes a detour to chase All Might, and he uses multiple quirks to damage himself to get out the poison that is rotting him from the inside. When AFO reaches All Might, he notices that AFO looks younger than before.

This confirms that AFO gets younger with the damage he receives. All Might is shown laughing hysterically in a page full of flashbacks. All Might then orders Hercules to send all the items immediately while still laughing.

He is happy that he could be a role model for people and help everyone. The two new items from the car include a robotic crow and Doc Ock’s metallic tentacles. The chapter ends with a focus on Deku and Shigaraki, where Deku thinks, “All Might!” and All Might thinks, “Young Midoriya!.” End of chapter.

Keeping this situation in mind, this might be it for All Might. We might see the generic shonen catalyst where All Might’s death will serve as a major character development for Deku. The manga will continue next week!

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Where To Read?

Chapter 398 of My Hero Academia will be released on August 27, 2023, at Midnight PM JST.

The series can be officially read on sources like the Viz Media website and the Manga Plus app. Please support the series by reading it on the official sources and purchasing a copy if it is available in your area since that motivates the author to craft more great stories like this!

We will keep you updated as more information about the chapter comes out!

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