My Hero Academia Will Get 2 New Special Episodes

In addition to My Hero Academia season 6 which is supposedly releasing in Fall 2022, the anime series will also get 2 new special episodes. Studio Bones, the same studio behind the MHA anime is in charge of animating the series.

According to the famous Japanese blog Ryokutya 2089, My Hero Academia fans will be getting 2 new OVAs (Original video animation). If you don’t know, OVAs are stories that are not adapted from the manga, so they don’t affect the original story in any way. Both of these OVAs will be screened in Japanese theatres. The first OVA is about the baseball match between the teams, and is expected to be released sometime in summer this year. The details about the 2nd special including the release date info has yet to be uncovered.

A Key visual for the first special was actually released in April 2022 but fans didn’t know about it back then. The official Twitter account of My Hero Academia released a visual on April 1st of Class 1-A students playing baseball. The visual imagined heroes as a baseball player as what if My Hero Academia was a sports anime. The “Hero League Baseball” has 4 teams shown in the visual, the Orcas, a team lead by Gang Orca, the Shishido Agency Lionels, Mt. Lady’s Mountains and the Fat Gum Agency Fats.

My Hero Academia author recently revealed the character design for Invisible girl. It will be a happy surprise for fans if we see more of Invisible Girl in these 2 OVAs as most likely fans won’t be able to see much of Toru in the anime.

My Hero Academia manga is written and drawn by Kohei Horikoshi. The manga started serialization in July 2014, and the series has been collected into 32 volumes. My Hero Academia manga is expected to finish in 1 year, according to the creator of the series. The anime series is produced by Studio Bones. While the season 6 release date has not been officially announced yet. According to leaks, season 6 will be released in Oct or Nov 2022.

Source: Ryokutya 2089

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