No Game No Life Writer Discloses Receiving Criticism for Not Featuring Dark Skin Characters in His Work

The call for diversity in media has been an ongoing conversation for years, with fans and advocates alike using their voices to encourage greater representation. One area where this conversation is particularly active is in the world of manga and anime. As fans of these popular Japanese art forms, many people are urging manga artists to include more black characters in their work.

While many people approach these conversations with sensitivity and thoughtfulness, others can be harsh and demanding. Yuu Kamiya, the author of the popular light novel series No Game No Life, recently took to Twitter to address a critique from a foreign reader regarding the absence of dark-skinned characters in his work. The reader pointed out that people with dark skin did exist in medieval and early modern Europe and questioned why they were not represented in No Game No Life.

no game no life author Tweet

In response, Yuu Kamiya clarified that No Game No Life did not occur in Europe and asked whether there were furry or elf characters in medieval Europe. He also noted that there are typically brown-skinned characters in his work.

However, Yuu Kamiya also expressed some self-reflection in his tweet. He wondered whether he might have become too immersed in the Japanese side of his cultural background and may not fully understand the values of the Western side. As a person of Japanese, Portuguese, and Italian descent who was born in Brazil, spent his childhood in the US, and now resides in Japan while maintaining Brazilian nationality, Yuu Kamiya has a unique perspective on blending cultures.

It’s important to remember that manga artists are individuals with their own creative visions and may have their reasons for the characters they choose to feature in their work. What are your thought on this issue? Let us know your opinion in the comment section down below.

Source: Official Twitter

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