Noelle beats Asta in Black Clover official popularity poll

Results of the Black Clover 5th official popularity poll have been released. More than 830,000 fans from all over the world participated in this poll.

Results were released in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #41. Noelle beat Asta in popularity to take the top spot. For anime only fans, it might be surprising that how can Noelle beat Asta but the manga has already given Noelle enough character development and she is cute.

Top 20 Most Popular Characters In Black Clover

1: Noelle80,150
2: Asta67,965
3: Nacht Faust62,268
4: Dante Zogratis59,445
5: Luck Voltia58,574
6: Gauche Adlai53,507
7: Yami Sukehiro44,884
8: Charlotte Roselei39,403
9: Yuno38,648
10: Nero36,321
11: Kahono33,567
12: Mereoleona Vermillion30,270
13: Zenon Zogratis29,182
14: Liebe27,616
15: Mimosa Vermillion22,824
16: Makusa North19,071
17: Magna Swing13,473
18: William Vangeance10,801
19: Finral Roulacase10,264

Black Clover Returning for Season 5?

Black Clover anime came to an end this year on March 30. Fans are now wondering if Black Clover anime will ever return? The good news is that Black Clover anime is surely coming back, but the question is when? One of the main reasons for Black Clover ending is anime was quickly catching up to the manga. If the studio doesn’t have enough material from the manga, they add fillers (which is not liked by many fans). To avoid these fillers, the production committee decided to end the anime for now.

Black Clover Movie

On March 28, it was announced that Black Clover will be getting a movie. For now, we don’t the release date or the plot of the movie. If Black Clover movie gets released date of 2022, you can expect Black Clover anime to return in 2024.

If you can’t wait for anime series to return, you can always turn to manga. By the way, Black Clover is doing good numbers in sales, which is reassuring for fans.

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Source: Weekly Shonen Jump

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