One Piece Chapter 1096: What to Expect and Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1095 has been released, finally bringing us the anticipated God Valley flashback, which was teased long ago.

One Piece chapter 1096

The chapter continues where chapter 1094 left off, where Bonney stabs the Awakened Saint Garcia Saturn in the chest. Saturn slowly takes out the sword and heals his wound, and the battle between Strawhats and Saturn begins.

Kizaru has lost his battle against Luffy and is currently unable to get up; on the other side, Luffy is knocked down with all of his energy spent; he looks like an older person.

This chapter was a rollercoaster of emotion and left us with much to anticipate from the upcoming chapter.

According to the schedule, One Piece is set to go on a short break next week and return two weeks later. One Piece Chapter 1096 is now scheduled for October 29, 2023, with the spoilers arriving as soon as October 26, 2023.

To quench your thirst for One Piece content, here are some moments to be expected from the next chapter of the series.

Kuma’s Progression

One Piece is known for its world, constantly building up and crafting more stories and characters in the background.

Apart from that, Oda-sensei always loves to leave riddles in the stories, seemingly solved in flashbacks.

With the anticipated flashback of Kuma initiating, the series has taken us back 49 years prior to the current events.

In the next chapter, it’s expected that Oda-sensei will introduce us to Kuma’s perspective of the revelations of God Valley and how he learned to grow and survive there as an enslaved person.

Ultimately, these events will lead to Kuma’s ultimate escape from the God Valley.

The readers can anticipate Kuma’s flashback to have a similar tone to Kaido’s flashback, where Oda-sensei teased everyone with Rock’s maximum potential.

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Bonney or Luffy’s Mom Likely To Be Revealed

As the final saga of One Piece has finally begun, two characters serve as the gateway for it, Bonney and Kuma. The series is now wasting no time wrapping up the remaining mysteries, and the first mystery unfolding is the past of Jewelry Bonney’s father, Kuma.

Belonging to Buccaneer’s family, considered a minority in the world of One Piece, Kuma was forced to work as an enslaved person with his parents.

Fast forward a few years later, Kuma tried to escape from the island, but his efforts were wasted as the guards caught him and beat him to a pulp.

While the other kids were taking him back to his camp, they were intercepted by two enslaved children, the fan-favorite Emporio Ivankov and a new individual, Jinny.

As far as everyone is familiar, Jinny serves as the mother of Jewelry Bonney and the wife of Kuma in the future. But there is also a chance she might be Luffy’s mother, as some fans speculate.

In the following chapters, we can expect drastic development of the relationship between these three kids, with the events leading up to the birth of Jewelry Bonney or Luffy.

Revolution Army Origins

The specific incident that sparked the revolution of the three enslaved children took place in God Valley.

In the following chapters, we can expect to learn more about the significant incident in God Valley and see Kuma, Jinny, and Emporio leading the revolution army.

Garp’s interference in this revolution may set off his career for him, and he will be accompanied by the likes of Dragon, who most probably was a young marine then.

Upon learning about the atrocities of the World Government, Dragon decided to form a revolutionary army and recruited its first members, which included Ivonko and Kuma.

Saint Figarland Garling’s Motives & Shanks

One of the most anticipated and hot questions of the manga series for a few chapters now is what Saint Figarland Garling’s (one of God’s Knight members) motives are, and if he related to Shanks or if he just looks like him.

A ruthless supreme commander of the God’s Knights and a member of Celestial Dragons, who is unforgiving in the administration of punishment.

It’s known that the God Valley incident was executed by the Celestial Dragons member, Saint Figarland, considering he was the only member overseeing the preparations and also served as their supreme commander.

In the next chapter, the readers can expect to have a more in-depth reveal of Saint Figarland’s motives and what he plans to achieve with this ruthless tournament in God Valley.

Moreover, the chapter might confirm Shanks’s origin or how he ended up with Roger Pirates. We know that the young Figarland looks like Shanks, and Shanks’s involvement with the world government all but confirms that he is a celestial dragon and son of Figarland.

But we still have to get official confirmation from Eiichiro Oda about Shank’s true origin.

There are many more theories for the next chapter, but these are the most possible and considerable ones. As the chapter is set to be released two weeks now, with an unexpected break next week, these sequences can be expected from the next chapter.

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