One Piece Live Action Producers Plan To Make Up To 12 Seasons

The “One Piece” live-action adaptation by Netflix has been a hot topic in the anime community ever since its announcement. From its initial reception, the series garnered an amazing response from everyone, including Japanese fans. With its impressive viewership numbers in its second week, the series has been on a rollercoaster of highs.

one piece live action sequel

According to recent data, the show’s viewership on Netflix not only remained consistent but even saw a slight increase in its second week, racking up 14.57 million hours watched and attracting 19.3 million viewers.

This surge in viewership, combined with the show’s global acclaim, has left fans eagerly anticipating updates on a potential second season.

The show producers previously revealed that the scripts for the next season are already prepared, and if Netflix gives the green light, we might see the Straw Hat Pirates embarking on new adventures sooner than expected.

One Piece Live-Action Producers Are Ready For At Least 12 Seasons

Tomorrow Studios’ executive producers, Marty Adelstein, and Becky Clements, were recently interviewed by the DEADLINE, where they revealed that they have plans to make up to 12 live-action One Piece seasons.

Talking about One Piece live-action season 2, Becky Clements revealed that they have had rough conversations with Shuiesha (manga publisher), Eiichiro Oda, and Netflix about what they would do with season 2 if they were given the opportunity.

Although not much, but they have discussed where they would like to take the story from season 3 to season 6. Their guiding principle is that certain parts of the manga are absolutely essential and can not be removed from the live action.

Clements believes that even if they were able to do up to 6 seasons of One Piece live-action, it will cover only half of the One Piece manga. With the amount of source material available, the show could go on for many sequels. Marty Adelstein said that he has hopes for 12 seasons of One Piece, given how much material is available.

Tomorrow Studios is also responsible for the Cowboy Bepop live-action adaptation. Marty Adelstein revealed that the Cowboy Bebop creator didn’t want to be involved, whereas One Piece live-action had involvement from Eiichiro Oda.

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He further said that he still loves Cowboy Bepop and thinks that the producers did a good job in the situation. But the main difference between the live-action adaptation was that they knew for One Piece, they had to stay close to the original material and embody what fans wanted to see.

Becky added that having the blessing of One Piece’s creator was the key difference in One Piece’s success.

It should be pointed out that Netflix has not officially greenlit the second season. While we are waiting for the official announcement, the numbers are looking good. One Piece viewership is holding strong on Netflix in week 2. It remains to be seen when Netflix will officially announce the sequel.

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