Who Is The New One Piece Admiral, Green Bull? Could he be the Forest God?

The One Piece anime has recently highlighted an admiral who goes by the name of Green Bull. Seeing his insane power against King and Queen, fans have started theorizing about how powerful he is.

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Aramaki, or as some say, The Green Bull Admiral, has been the main talk of One Piece anime since the release of the recent episode.

His sudden appearance at the former excavation camp, followed by him exhibiting great power and his fight with the King and Queen, were all surprising yet exciting factors for the fans.

Admirals hold the second-highest rank within the Marines, just below the Fleet Admiral. Achieving this position is a feat that not just anyone can attain.

In this article, we will shed light on The Green Bull admiral and what were the traits that led to him becoming an admiral.

Aramaki is among the select few admirals who are presently serving. Out of these, Fujitora and Aramaki were appointed to step into the roles of two former Admirals, Kuzan, who resigned, and Sakazuki, who was promoted.

Who is the Green Bull Admiral? 

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Green Bull is a true believer and a dedicated fellow to the cause of absolute justice, with justice written on the back of his jacket.

He was first hinted at in the Dressrosa Arc, following his debut in the Levely Arc. However, the series truly emphasized his character in the Wano Country Arc, where he took the role of an antagonist.

While he strongly supports justice, his beliefs are somewhat twisted. He argues in favor of an absolute monarchy, asserting that those in power should have complete control over those they govern.

His loyalty to the World Government is like no other Admiral, and he looks at his superiors like otherworldly beings.

Aramaki despises those who cause havoc and chaos, leading to more problems and work for the Marines to handle.

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Despite being devoted to his rank and the World Government, his own beliefs take priority, which makes him even going to the point of rejecting orders from fleet admirals.

He might seem like a laid-back guy with a friendly nature, but this personality quickly dissipates when faced with hostility.

His being an admiral is living proof of his overwhelmingly strong powers; not only does he use his powers to their full extent, but he also takes pride in his strength.

How Powerful Is Green Bull Admiral?

green bull one piece anime

Aramaki ate the Mori Mori no Mi, a Logia-type Devil Fruit, which ended up giving him immense powers, including the ability to control and produce plants. He is also able to perform almost every property a plant might have.

He can create plants from his body and can even turn parts of his body into plants. This allows him to create barriers made up of plants or to perform long-range attacks in the form of tree roots or branches.

One of the properties of plants he gained is the ability to absorb any sort of liquid. Even after fasting for three years straight, he hasn’t felt hungry or dehydrated, thanks to him absorbing liquid from different resources.

This ability does not only help in self-advancement but can also be used as an attack, by absorbing necessary liquids from the opponent’s body, he can leave them exhausted and drain every bit of energy from their bodies.

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Green Bull also utilizes his abilities in practical ways, like employing a flower on his back to achieve flight by rapidly spinning its petals.

The extent of his strength can be calculated by looking at his recent battle, where he was able to win flawlessly against the King and Queen.

The Green Bull and a few others are thought to be the World Government’s strongest individuals in terms of strength, which also makes him among the most powerful in the world.

His tremendous powers have led some of the fans to believe that he might be the Forest God.

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Is Green Bull the legendary Forest God?

green bull devil fruit

Although not confirmed, there’s a theory that Green Bull consumed the mystical Forest-Forest Fruit, leading to rumors that he might be the legendary Forest God.

In Skypiea, this deity is one of the four that exists alongside the Sun God, Nika.

What’s intriguing is that Green Bull’s transformation bears a striking resemblance to Luffy’s Gear Four. Because of this, many believe that he could be the embodiment of the Forest God.

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The primary argument against this notion is the type of Devil Fruit he consumed. Unlike the typical Mythical Zoan fruits, which bestow both the abilities and the will of mythical creatures.

Green Bull’s Logia Devil Fruit seems to grant him the power of the mythical Forest God without the will.

Another theory says that he could be in possession of a mythical Zoan fruit that has been mistakenly categorized as a Logia, much like the misclassification of Luffy’s Devil Fruit as a Paramecia until its true nature was revealed.

Whatever might be the case, one thing to keep in mind is that these all are fan-made theories, and none of this is confirmed or denied in the anime.

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