One Piece Chapter 1106 Spoilers: Dorry and Brogy Return!

The final saga continues as One Piece chapter 1106 spoilers have arrived on the internet and continue to stir up its fandom.

One Piece chapter 1106 spoilers

Egghead arc is progressively reaching its conclusion, and Kuma has awake from his slumber to fight back Saturn and save Bonny.

However, Saturn recovers and retaliates against him, which leaves Kuma unconscious. As soon as Saturn heals himself, he initiates a Buster call on Egghead.

This causes a significant setback for every resident of the Island, including the straw hats and everyone present in the Labophase.

Here are One Piece chapter 1106 spoilers!

All of the spoilers are courtesy of OPSPOILERS, REDON, and Pewpiece.

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One Piece Chapter 1106 Spoilers:

Chapter 1106 of One Piece begins with Kizaru and Saturn planning to annihilate everyone on Egghead Island by assisting each other.

Before Kizaru can begin to wipe everyone from the island, Luffy intercepts him and punches him away.

Bonney learns the truth about Luffy’s powers and abilities, which helps her see Sun God Nika inside him.

Vegapunk has successfully passed down the authority of Pacafista to Bonney by mingling with the mind chips of everyone.

Saturn notices the changes and understands it is all Vegapunk’s doing, leading him to attack Vegapunk drastically for his decision to mess with the Pacafista.

While everyone was busy fighting, all of the marine ships were destroyed. The chapter ends with Dorry and Brogy arriving at Egghead Island, and they are the ones to destroy all of the ships.

There will be a break next week, One Piece Chapter 1106 will be released on February 5, 2024.

The buster call has been made, and Dorry and Brogy have also arrived to add more spice to the situation.

One Piece chapter 1106 and all of the prior chapters are available to read on the Mangaplus app and Viz Media’s website.

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