One Piece Episode 1075 Release Time Today, Preview Images, and Countdown

One Piece anime returned this week after a break. This break consisted of a recap episode of the events that happened so far in the anime. The recap episode’s main focus was to show people the greatness of Gear 5 again, as you can never watch too much Gear 5.

Episode 1075 is also a few hours away from airing today. Here is what you need to know regarding Episode 1075, including the release date, time, preview images, and countdowns.

One Piece Episode 1073 Release Date, Time, Preview Images, and Countdown

One Piece Episode 1075 will be released on Saturday, September 9, 2023, or Sunday, September 10, 2023, depending on your time zone.

One Piece Episode 1075 Preview

The official YouTube channel for the One Piece anime adaptation has dropped a preview video for Episode 1075, intriguingly titled “20 Years’ Worth of Prayers! Take Back the Land of Wano.” After a recap episode, this installment picks up where Luffy’s battle with Kaido left off.

For those who may not be familiar, Luffy and Kaido have been locked in an intense, drawn-out battle, and we’re now approaching the climax of this fight.

Episode 1075 will be the last exchange of blows between these two, and we shall get our final winner at the end.

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One Piece Episode 1075 Release Time

In Japan, One Piece episode 1075 is scheduled to air at 9:30 AM Japanese Standard Time on September 10, 2023. For viewers in the United States, the episode will be available at 5:30 PM Pacific Time on Saturday, September 9.

For those watching from other parts of the world, here are the release times for various international time zones:

  • India: 6:00 AM, September 10, 2023
  • Japan: 9:30 AM, September 10, 2023
  • United States: 8:30 PM, September 9, 2023 (Eastern Time)
  • Europe: 2:30 AM, September 10, 2023, in France and Germany
  • Asia: 8:30 AM, September 10, 2023, in the Philippines and Malaysia; 7:30 AM in Indonesia

One Piece Episode 1075 Countdown

The countdown for Episode 1075 is as follows

Episode 1075

Episode 1074 Recap

Episode 1074 was titled “I Trust Momo! Luffy’s Final Powerful Technique.” The episode starts with Momo trying to make the flame clouds to prevent Onigashima from falling onto the capital. But he cannot do so, as he has never made flame clouds before.

We also keep seeing the flashback from a few years ago, when Momo was sent to the future by her mother to change Wano. To this day, Momo still thinks he cannot face her mother because he is weak.

Luffy and Kaido, on the other hand, continue their battle as Luffy uses “Gum Gum Lightning.” In this attack, Luffy can control lightning and throw bolts at Kaido freely. This surprises Kaido, but he still counters everything Luffy does.

Komurasaki’s battle has resumed as Orochi gets free from the Sea |Stone Komurasaki attached to him. Now, he is coming for Komurasaki, taking her alongside him into the mouth of the death. Kaido, on the other hand, again starts to overpower Luffy.

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But Luffy keeps him at arm’s length by not letting go of him. Kaido uses Thunder Bagua, one of the strongest attacks he possesses. But Luffy is not willing to give up. At the flower capital, everyone enjoys the first time when they have enough food to eat.

Every samurai at Onigashima prays that Luffy defeats Kaido and brings this twenty-year oppression to an end. At the end of the episode, Luffy arrives in front of Kaido with a big Elephant Gun. He tells Momo that he believes in him and that the final battle is about to conclude.

The new opening song, directed by the masterful director Megumi Ishitani, was also released. The opening song was filled with future references, supported by a beautiful animation.

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Where to Watch One Piece?

“One Piece” airs every weekend on most Japanese TV channels, including Fuji TV.

For international anime fans, “One Piece” can be legally streamed on platforms such as Netflix, Crunchyroll, bilibili, Amazon Prime, Funimation, and Disney+. Please note that availability may vary depending on your region.

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