One Piece Live Action Viewership on Netflix Increases In Week 2

Netflix recently disclosed its viewership data for the week of September 4-10, and the numbers for One Piece’s live-action adaptation are not only consistent with the first week but have actually increased.

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Fans of One Piece have been eagerly awaiting updates on a potential second season. As we’ve previously explored, one key factor influencing the show’s renewal is its sustained viewership, which justifies Netflix’s initial investment.

The goal for Netflix is to keep viewers engaged on their platform for extended periods, and the One Piece live-action series has successfully accomplished this.

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Netflix’s One Piece Viewership Increases In Week 2

In the week following its debut, One Piece led the viewership charts across more than 80 countries.

Although it didn’t make it into Netflix’s top 10 most-watched shows for the first week, it marked a significant improvement over Netflix’s earlier attempts at anime-to-live-action adaptations.

one piece live action week 2

The data for the week of September 4-10 reveals that One Piece’s live-action series continues to dominate, racking up 145.7 million hours watched and attracting 19.3 million viewers.

Initially, many believed that the impressive first-week numbers were primarily due to One Piece’s massive fanbase.

There was speculation that the viewership would decline in the second week as most fans would have already watched the series.

One Piece Live Action Viewership (Week 1 v 2)

Contrary to these expectations, the viewership has remained stable and even saw a slight uptick. The hours watched increased from 140.1 million to 145.7 million, and the viewer count rose from 18.5 million to 19.3 million.

While Netflix has yet to officially confirm a second season for the One Piece live-action series, the heads of Tomorrow Studio, the production company behind the show, have hinted that scripts for the next season are already prepared.

Should Netflix give the go-ahead and the ongoing writers’ strike concludes, we can expect the second season to premiere within the next 12 to 18 months.

As one of Netflix’s most expensive recent productions, the One Piece live-action series has garnered global acclaim.

Both long-time fans of the anime and manga, as well as newcomers, have praised the show for staying true to its source material.

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