One Piece: The Gender Identity of Yamato and Kiku Explained

In One Piece, Yamato and Kiku sharing a bath with the Straw Hat crew has puzzled many fans.

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The Wano arc of One Piece is nearing its conclusion, with only a few episodes left. The alliance has successfully defeated Kaido and Big Mom, liberating the people of Wano after many long years.

Both Luffy and Zoro sustained serious injuries in their battles against Kaido and King. Once they recovered, a brief celebration was held in their honor. Momonosuke announced that a grand feast was in the works for them.

Meanwhile, Nami suggested to Yamato that everyone should take a bath, especially since Yamato had sworn off eating and bathing until Luffy recovered.

Yamato informed Nami that the castle didn’t have a communal bath, while Kiku inquired if she could join Nami for the bath.

The scene then transitions to the men’s bath, where Sanji, Jinbe, and Brook are already soaking. Luffy and Yamato burst in and dive into the water, causing nosebleeds for both Brook and Sanji.

Conversely, in the women’s bath, Kaku is seen among other female characters.

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Is Yamato A Girl?

Yes, Yamato is a girl, as confirmed by One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda. However, she identifies as Oden and uses “he/him” pronouns when referring to herself and others.

Oda clarified in a Vivre card, an official databook, that Yamato’s gender is male. This adds another layer to the character, who is addressed as “he/him” by other characters in One Piece, including Kaido, who calls Yamato his son.

From a young age, Yamato admired Oden and aspired to emulate him. Following Oden’s departure, Yamato began identifying as Oden and adopted “he/him” pronouns, which the One Piece cast respects.

So, if you’re curious about why Yamato was in the men’s bath with Luffy and the other Straw Hats instead of the women’s bath, it’s because she identifies as a man.

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Kiku, on the other hand, identifies as a woman and uses female pronouns. She was seen in the women’s bath and has expressed discomfort with her assigned male identity at birth.

In episode 1079, Kiku disclosed that she used to bathe with Oden and others, even though it made her uncomfortable.

One Piece, which launched its manga on July 22, 1997, and its anime on October 20, 1999, is celebrated for its diverse character roster. The inclusion of Yamato and Kiku adds even more diversity to the cast.

Yamato’s gender has sparked debates since her introduction in the manga, and this discussion has reignited now that she has appeared in the anime, trending on X (formerly known as Twitter).

In summary, Yamato identifies as male and uses male pronouns, as confirmed by Oda. Kiku, however, was born male but identifies as female, using female pronouns.

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