One Punch Man: Is Genos Dead or Alive In The Manga?

Following the release of One Punch Man chapter 165, which revealed that Garou after achieving a new power up, rips Genos core out from his body. After seeing that state of Genos, fans are now wondering if Geno is even alive, or is there any way to bring him back? Here is everything you need to know about it.

Genos is a cyborg, so no matter how much damage he takes, as long as his core is linked to his brain, he can replace damaged parts. In his fight with Deep Sea King, we saw how much Genos was damaged. His hands and legs were literally destroyed in the fight, but because his core was still linked with the brain, scientist Dr. Kuseno was able to rebuild him.

genos death

Before his battle with Garou, Genos was heavily wounded in his fight against Monster Association, losing all his limbs. Despite him being injured heavily, Genos knew he is one of the few heroes who are resistant to the radiations that Cosmic Garou was emitting. But as we know Genos attack didn’t even scratch Garou, and he ripped out his core, and tossed it to Saitama.

Genos vs Garou

Genos core acts as his heart, which keeps his brain active. Our S Class hero has lost half of his brain, and his core is not linked with his brain anymore.

Can Genos be revived or repaired?

As we know that Genos is a cyborg. It is possible that Dr. Kuseno might have a backup of Genos brain somewhere. Nevertheless, whatever technique is used to bring him back, there will be consequences. For example, half of his brain is destroyed so he might lose some memories like his time spent with Saitama.

Why Genos will be back in the manga?

One Punch Man manga is drawn by Yusuke Murata, and the series is based on the web comic, written and drawn by ONE. In One Punch Man web comic series, Genos has an important role to play in the future arc of the series. If Genos remains dead, Yusuke Murata will have to change a lot of things in the story. Keep in mind that Yusuke Murata draws manga after consulting with the original author of the series, meaning that the manga is the refined product.

Chapter 165 Fan Animation

Why Genos will remain dead in the manga?

Yusuke Murata, the illustrator of the manga is known for doing a lot of things differently from the original web comic series. For example, the fight between Saitama and Garou should have ended in the previous chapter, and Garou should never have received another power up. Cosmic Garou power up never happened in the web comic, which means that Genos death (that never happened in the web comic) is still a very real possibility.

One Punch Man Illustrator won’t redraw Genos

In a recent Tweet while talking to Hajime no Ippo author on Twitter, Yusuke Murata said that there will be no more redraws for Genos as he will remain in this poor state. What does redraw mean? One Punch Man chapter 162 was redrawn previously as Garou was supposed to admit defeat against Saitama and never have achieved the Cosmic Garou state in the original draw, but the illustrator changed the chapter, giving Garou a new power up. Yusuke Murata is telling us that he won’t redraw Genos which have fans guessing what is the future of fan favorite cyborg hero.

What do you think will happen with Genos? If Genos ever comes back, how will they bring him back? Let us know your opinion in the comment section down below.

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