Saitama’s Friend Died? What Is Happening In One Punch Man Manga?

Being a casual One Punch Man manga reader, I was surprised to see the manga series trending for the past couple of chapters, and according to the readers, the creator of the series is continuously releasing manga chapters with a score of 10/10, so what is going on in One Punch Man manga series? Here is everything you need to know about it.

Garou’s Monster Form

Anime fans can’t forget about the hero hunter, Garou, who was put to sleep by Saitama with a single tap on his shoulder. But Garou is not at the same level as he was in the anime as he continuously keeps getting stronger. After fighting with monster association, Garou’s ‘monsterization’ makes him stronger as he achieves a new form where he is covered in some type of armor. After beginning his battle with Saitama, he keeps evolving and grows horn.

Garou thinks he can beat Saitama because of his new power, but Saitama easily defeats him, and knocks him out with one punch.

Garou’s God Form

After getting defeated by Saitama, Garou is thinking that after all the hard work he still can’t get a win over ‘baldy’. That is when a portal opens in the sky, and we see a mysterious being (called ‘god’ in One Punch Man series) approaching Garou in the disguise of Master Fang.

God in the form of Master Fang offered his helping hand to Garou, however, Garou slapped his hand away saying that Master Fang would never be so soft on his students. God reveals that although he refused his help, Garou still came into contact with him, and thus absorbed some of god’s power. That is when, Garou once again starts transforming into a diving being called ‘Cosmic Hero’.

Cosmic Garou

Garou vs Number 1 Hero

At some point, Saitama loses sight of Garou, so he takes this chance to confront other heroes who are frightened to see the new Garou and attempt to flee. Silver Fang thinks that Garou is being controlled by the god, but Garou says he is doing this on his own free will. That is when the number 1 hero, Blast shows up, also saying that Garou is being controlled by someone else.

The fight between the number 1 hero, Blast, and the cosmic Garou begins. They seem to be evenly matched. Blast tries to send Garou in another dimension by opening up multiple portals, but Cosmic Garou is able to copy Blast’s technique and easily gets out of the other dimension by opening a portal of his own. Blast is surprised to see that Garou has copied his most powerful attack, Gravity Kncukle.

Blast vs Garou

Garou launches multiple attacks of Gravity Knucke with one hand, and Nuclear Fission with his other hand. Blast is able to open multiple portals and send these attacks in another dimension. Garou is impressed and praises Blast that he is the number 1 hero for a reason.

Garou Vs Genos

Blast is fighting the Cosmic Garou, when Genos launches a surprise attack on Garou but fails to do any significant damage. Garou ruthlessly grabs Genos from his hair and rips out his energy core.

Garou says that when Saitama was fighting against him, he was not using his full power. In order to bring out the full potential of Saitama, he has to do this to Genos.

The new cosmic Garou can copy any attack, including Saitama’s normal punches, but now he wants to copy the full power of Saitama that is why he wants to fight Saitama at full power.

Saitama shows up a little late as Garou tosses Genos’s energy core to Saitama. Garou plans seem to be working on Saitama as he looks really angry, ready to fight Garou seriously which is exactly what Garou wanted. To copy Saitama’s power completely, he needs to fight him at full power.

That is when we see Saitama using serious punch for the very first time in the series. Garou also copies Saitama’s serious punch, and that is when the chapter ends with Blast saying that if the fight goes on, the earth will be shattered.

Saitama vs Cosmic Garou

Is Genos Dead or Alive?

Genos is in pretty bad shape and manga fans are now wondering if he is going to survive this time or not. The good new is that Genos is a cyborg and he only needs his head intact to stay alive. Remember his battle with Deep Sea King when his full body was destroyed, but he still lived because his head was intact, so fans shouldn’t be that much worried about Genos.

What are your thoughts on the recent development in One Punch Man series? Are you planning on reading the manga series or you will wait for One Punch Man season 3? A One Punch live action movie is also in development.

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