Our Classmates Don’t Know We’re Having S*x In Your Room Light Novel Gets Manga

Romantic comedy light novel series “Our Classmates Don’t Know We’re Having S*x In Your Room” is getting a manga adaptation. The light novel series is written by Takeshi Yamamoto x Aka Penguin. The light novel series will very soon be adapted into a manga series in Dengeki Daioh.

The light novel series is also Kakuyomu 6th romcom award winner. Here is the Volume 1 cover of the light novel series:


This relationship is our secret… Yuki Touyama, has a secret he hasn’t told anyone. He and his classmate Takai Yuzumi are “Friends with Benefits”. Though, when Marika Uehara, a popular girl in the class, shows a liking for Touyama, those two start to change…

Unfortunately, the light novel isn’t available in English language. Hopefully, it gets popular enough to get an official English translation. However, Google translated version can be found on Kakuyomu website. The Titles of light novel are getting weirder day by day and one reason for that is because it sells. If you like these kind of romance series, also check out these:

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