Pirate Content Will Be Difficult To Find Due To Google’s New Update

Google has updated its DMCA policy which was created in 2012. According to new google update, it will be harder to find pirate content (including anime) on Google search engine.

According to Google’s new policy, if a website receives a lot of DMCA strikes from the copyright holders, Google will remove 89% of URLs of the said website, meaning the website in question will be 89% less visible.

How will this change Anime Piracy?

Anime fans who watch their favorite series on an illegal website might face some problems due to this update. If you are one of those fans who searches for latest anime episodes by typing in Google search bar, you might not find any result, or your favorite anime website might be missing in search result.

However, if you directly go the website, without searching for it on Google, you are in luck, because Google can only remove URLs or websites from its own search engine, but these websites could still be visible if you use another search engine. We do recommend using official streaming services like Crunchyroll or Funimation to watch anime, in order to support your favorite anime studios and manga authors.

Here is the official statement from Google:

We have developed a “demotion signal” for Google Search that causes sites for which we have received a large number of valid removal notices to appear much lower in search results. We have also made it much harder for infringing sites to evade demotion by redirecting people to a new domain. Finally, we have added a “still-in-theaters/prerelease” flag for DMCA notices involving this category of content to enhance the Search demotion signal. When a site is demoted, the traffic Google Search sends it drops, on average, by 89% on average.”

Furthermore, Google had added another option for DMCA strikes called “still-in-theaters/prerelease”. This new option will let copyright holders to send DMCA notice to website who post leaks etc. This also includes manga websites who post early leaks/panels before the official chapter release.

What are your thoughts on this new policy of Google?? Will this change anime piracy? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

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