YouTube Starts Crackdown on Anime Reaction Channels

Piracy has long been a rampant issue within the anime community. Despite efforts to combat it, countless pirate websites continue to pop up, prompting action from Japanese authorities and even leading to some sites shutting down due to lack of funds. Recently, however, YouTube has initiated a crackdown on a different type of content – “Anime Reaction Channels” – and it’s left fans and content creators alike questioning the fairness of these actions.

Youtube Starts Crackdown on Anime Reaction Channels

“Anime Reaction Channels” typically feature individuals recording themselves while watching episodes of anime series. These channels often profit under YouTube’s “fair use” clause by producing content using anime media from Japan. The recent wave of copyright strikes has left many channel owners scrambling to figure out their next move.

One of the first channels to report on the issue was “Studio Gek,” which consists of five friends reacting to anime episodes. They reported that all of their Attack on Titan Final Season reaction videos were hit with copyright strikes, and their channel is set to be terminated in seven days. Other channels, such as “Anime Spirit” and “AwakeProductions,” have also reported receiving copyright strikes and are facing potential termination.

Anime Spirit is the second channel to report copyright strikes. The channel breaks down different anime episodes (mostly Doraemon). He reported three of his Doraemon videos got a copyright strike by Shin-Ei Animation (Studio behind Doraemon) and if the situation about the copyright strike remains the same, the Anime Spirit channel will be terminated in 7 days.

anime reaction channel youtube crackdown

AwakeProductions is the latest channel to report on this case. They pleaded to fans to subscribe to their backup YouTube channel as the main channel is likely to be terminated. Even the popular anime distribution network Muse Asia had its channels temporarily terminated, though they were able to recover quickly.

The situation has led to a heated debate within the anime community: is the action against these “Anime Reaction Channels” fair? To consider this, imagine the situation of an animator in Japan, working tirelessly on an episode and sometimes not even getting paid on time. At the same time, the reaction channels profit off of their work through simple reactions. With Japanese animators even considering switching to Chinese companies for better wages, it’s hard not to see the injustice in current affairs.

As YouTube continues its crackdown on these channels, the fate of many content creators remains uncertain. In the meantime, the otaku community is left to ponder the ethics and fairness of these “Anime Reaction Channels” and their impact on the industry as a whole.

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