Rent A Girlfriend Author Reveals His Girlfriend & It’s From The Anime Series

Reiji Miyajima’s romance, comedy manga series, Rent A Girlfriend is not new to controversies. Previously, the readers of this manga series were shocked when the author of the series completely wiped off the character development of the main character, Kazuya. The series is once again a topic of discussion in the anime community after Reiji revealed on his personal Twitter account that he considers Chizuru Mizuhara his girlfriend.

The author of the Rent A Girlfriend manga is known for drawing Chizuru Mizuhara in 3d real life settings. On June 20th, the mangaka once again shared another 3d model of Chizuru where she is peaking out from the bathroom. In a follow up Tweet, Reiji Miyajima wrote “This girl is my beautiful girlfriend and her name is Chizuru Mizuhara. She is a very kind girl and she always forgives me in the end, even if she gets really mad at me afterwards.”

The series tells the story of a teenage boy, Kazuya, who suddenly gets dumped by his girlfriend. After getting heart broken, Kazuya decides to use an online dating app to Rent a girlfriend. Kazuya’s first rented girlfriend is Chizuru who is unparalleled in beauty and manages to gain his affection, however Kazuya finds out later that she acts cute like that for money, and gives her a low rating. Next time they meet, Chizuru confronts him for giving low ratings, revealing her true hot tempered nature.

Rent A Girlfriend manga has been serialized since 2017. Studio TMS Entertainment picked up the manga for an anime adaptation which aired from July to Sept 2020. The 2nd season of the series is scheduled to air in July 2022.

Source: Official Twitter Account

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