Rent A Girlfriend Service In Japan Have A Strict Criteria For Hiring

Similar to the plot of Rent A Girlfriend anime series, Japan has a service called “Rent Kano (レンカノ)” where you can rent a girlfriend for a price. One of the companies from Japan that provide this rental service posted a job offer, but the thing that surprised most of the social media users was the requirements to apply.

Rental Girlfriend Japan

All the women applying for a Rent a Girlfriend job must not have:

  • Women with boyfriends (possible if they have permission, or if they are willing to break up if they are discovered).
  • Minors.
  • Under 20 years of age (written parental authorization is required).
  • Women who are not pretty.
  • Women planning to retire after less than six months.
  • An ugly woman according to her own prejudice.
  • Women who are currently getting their teeth straightened (back braces are acceptable).
  • Atopic women (acne).
  • Women with little feminine power.
  • Women who are not popular with men.
  • Suspicious women.
  • Women in great need of money.
  • Women who are very shy.
  • Women without style.
  • Women with no sense of fashion.
  • Dark-skinned women, without makeup.
  • Fat/chubby women (BMI may be less than 22).
  • Women who appear to be minors.
  • Women who are slow to respond to emails, LINE messages, etc.
  • Women who are too busy with their daily work or their studies.
  • Women who usually work part time.
  • Women who are currently high school students.
  • Women with children (if they have a place to leave them, they could apply).
  • Women with mental illnesses (including those on medication), or psychotic or similar.
  • Mentally unstable, depressed or ill women, or active sex workers.
  • Women who do not have a will of their own (those who need the permission of their parents, friends or others to do something).
  • Women who work in another company of the same nature (can apply after resigning from another company).
  • Women who do not have a smartphone (iPhone/Android). Today it is already possible to buy a disposable phone for work.

Obviously, most of the requirements are reasonable, but some requirements like Dark-skinned women can’t apply or the women, who are not pretty can’t play is just too extreme. The service is described as follows:

Do you want to spend a fun day with her? Do you want to go out with someone on vacation occasionally? Do you want someone to choose your clothes? Do you want to have dinner with her? Do you want to use it to rehearse for a date with your true love?… Please use this service when you want to do it. Please note that our company has been in service since September 2014. In addition, we have registered the word “Rent Kano” as a trademark with the Patent Office. Please, be calm.

Rental Girlfriend service is not cheap at all as not everyone can afford the high prices. The prices for rental girlfriend vary as the girls are divided into 3 different categories, Junior, Regular and Premium. If you want to date a girl from the Junior category, a two hour date will cost you around 10,000 yen (which is roughly $74 US). Similarly, a 2 hour date with a girl from Regular or Junior category would cost you around 12,000 yen (which is roughly $90 US).

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Now, some of you might be thinking that 80 to 90 dollars for a 2 hour date is not too expensive. It should be pointed out that dinner (food, drinks, etc.) and transportation cost is not included in this package, and that you have to pay for separately.

Rent a Girlfriend service is pretty popular in Japan, although this kind of service is pretty rare outside of the country. The anime series, Rent a Girlfriend will be releasing its second season in July 2022.

Source: Otakomu

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