Robot Maid Café Has A Successful Trial Run, Promising Future

Japan has always been known for doing the weirdest things that no one can imagine. Maid Café culture has always been popular in Japan, and every Otaku’s dream is to visit them once in a lifetime. But in the previous few years, a new development has been made in this culture, which is fascinating!

Robot maid cafe Japan

Japan is known for having modern technology and diverse otaku culture, which intrigues every person who knows a little about this country. Recently, Japan combined these two aspects, leaving us with a maid café featuring robot maids! It is present in Akihabara, the otaku paradise of Japan.

The café is part of a project known as the Maid Apprentice Substantializing Ideal Robot Project or MaSiRo Project. This project started when a person named “A_say” received funding for this process from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in Japan and crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is also a way for many anime projects to get funded.

Robot Maids Serving You Coffee

The café consists of a line of chefs alongside three robot maids! MaSiRo is the first maid wearing black clothes and is responsible for taking orders from the customers. CiRo and CiYa are the other two maids accountable for interacting with the customers. These maids are programmed and not in control of any human being.

Here is the complete video of ordering your coffee and receiving the coffee from Anime Robot Maid.

The Future of Robot Maid Cafe?

The owner of this café, A_say, made some comments on the future of this project recently, saying:

Four years have passed since the project was launched. MaSiRo has finally made it to the starting line as a maid robot. Going forward, she will continue to develop, becoming smarter and cuter along the way as I strive to realize the maid robot café of my dreams.

More than 100 people came to see MaSiRo this time, so it really sunk in that many people really love her.

This is only the first step towards achieving my dreams. My ultimate goal is to ensure that MaSiRo and her friends will continue to be loved and needed in the future.

Hopefully, when I am gone, MaSiRo and her friends will not be just robots or just equipment in a café. They will be recognized as characters who actually live there. I will continue development in the MaSiRo project to realize such a world.

A_say on the cafe’s bright future

Maid Culture in Japan

Maid culture started to go viral in Japan in the early 2000s when maids became very common. So, first, it began by appointing maids in average restaurants to make specific maid cafés for people to enjoy. This demographic’s main enjoyment was that people loved to be served by a female who obeyed their every order.

Japanese Maid Culture

Soon, the maid culture entered other mediums, and one of the popular mediums it entered was anime. We get some maid-themed anime series every season, but if a series is not even maid-themed, it is bound to have some maid scenes. Shows like Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Kaichou was Maid-sama, Akiba Maid War, and many more!

Robot maid cafe Japan

Recently, this demographic has also entered Japan’s music industry, and many bands feature maid singers. One of the most prominent examples is the band “BAND-MAID“, which features five female maids as a band. This band was also responsible for singing the first opening sequence of the anime “Platinum End”.

BAND MAID music band

Is this robot maid café worth it?

The robot maid café also has a Youtube channel, and you can check the general ambience of this café there. The first thing you feel when seeing these robot maids is… strange. Most people would feel creeped out by the design of these maids and how they keep staring in your direction for no reason. But, it is not valid until you go and try out the experience of this cafe.

Source: Grape Japan

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