Solo Leveling Anime: Is It Possible?

Fans of the South Korean manhwa, Solo Leveling have been asking for an anime adaptation for years. Today we are here to answer one question. Is it possible?

But before we get into it, first, let’s do a quick background about what Solo leveling is. As stated Solo leveling is a South Korean manhwa that was serialized back in 2016. Originally Solo Leveling was a web novel written by Chugong, in 2014, under the name Only I Level Up. It became so popular with fans in those two short years of releasing it was quickly picked up by D&C Media Kakao and began to publish in a manhwa format, under the now popular name, Solo Leveling. The manhwa releases officially in English on Tappytoon.

Following are the 3 major reasons why Solo Leveling anime might not be possible:

Japanese Audience

Many fans of the series have pointed out that one reason the hit series hasn’t received an anime adaptation is that the series portrays Japan in a negative way.

This can be seen in both the light novel and the manhwa, and although many readers of the series may not notice it, it could be a problem if the series were animated. On top of that, seeing as how Japan is the powerhouse of anime, chances are that a Japanese studio would animate the series. The animators would most likely not be happy making a show where they portray their own country as antagonists. This also goes for the Japanese anime fans who would be new to the series.

The Animation

Another huge reason we could not be seeing a Solo Leveling anime is that it wouldn’t be easy to animate.

It may sound crazy, but it’s true. The world of Solo Leveling involves great fight scenes, many different types of creatures, and those hype moments that make the series so great. All of this would be quite difficult to transfer into animation. And many fans would turn out disappointed with the animation and the overall outcome, much like the recent Record Of Ragnarock.

Many fans want animation studios like Mappa, Ufotable, or Madhouse to pick up the series and give it a shot. What fans have to keep in mind is that adapting something like Solo Leveling could make or break these studios, based on how fans react.

Failure Of Other Webtoons

As mentioned before, Crunchyroll recently produced three popular manhwas, God Of Highschool, Tower Of God, and Noblesse. The common factor between all these anime aside from the fact that they are all manhwas is the fact that they all didn’t turn out well.

Tower Of God went missing after its decent first season. God Of Highschool’s plot was rushed and horribly packed into 12 episodes. And Noblesse skipped dozens, if not more, chapters in its anime adaptation.

With the failure of these three popular manhwa’s people are asking, would Solo Leveling even come out good. And this is leaving fans and studios scared. As mentioned before adapting Solo Leveling could make or break the studio.

So, Is Solo Leveling Anime Possible?

Seeing all these negatives you may be thinking that it isn’t possible. However, there is one way the series could come to our screens. That is, through Netflix.

As of recent the streaming giant, Netflix has been desperately trying to break into the world of anime, since the medium has become so popular and mainstream. Proof of this can be seen with their adaptations of Yasuke, Castlevania, Komi Can’t Communicate, Record of Ragnarock, and The Way of the Househusband. And it’s not only their originals either, Netflix has gained the streaming rights for several known series, such as My Hero Academia and Seven Deadly Sins.

What’s unique about Netflix is that they aren’t afraid to take chances, as seen with their depictions of several gods in Record of Ragnarock. Seeing how they picked up Record of Ragnarock they wouldn’t be scared off by Solo Leveling’s controversies.

On top of this, if Netflix were to take charge many top-notch animation studios would no longer be afraid to step up for animation. If the anime flops it gets blamed on Netflix. And if it does well and the animation is good the studio would get the credit.

Fans of Solo Leveling also agree with this as a petition has been started to get Netflix to produce the series. The petition is over on and it currently has over 200k signatures. Meaning that someone over at Netflix would have had to see it by now.

Where To Read

As for now, however, there are no signs of the series being picked up anytime soon, nor are there any announcements. If you would like to read the series yourself and see what all the hype is about you can read the manhwa here.

Hopefully, one day we will get a Solo Leveling anime adaptation, until then make sure to enjoy the manual every Wednesday as it releases or read the now completed light novel.


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However, this miserable lifestyle changes when Jin-Woo—believing himself to be the only one left to die in a mission gone terribly wrong—awakens in a hospital three days later to find a mysterious screen floating in front of him. This “Quest Log” demands that Jin-Woo completes an unrealistic and intense training program, or face an appropriate penalty. Initially reluctant to comply because of the quest’s rigor, Jin-Woo soon finds that it may just transform him into one of the world’s most fearsome Hunters.

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